Flatiron School Launches a New Product Design Program Focused on UX/UI Design and Job-Ready Portfolio Creation

Flatiron School has created an exciting new full-time Product Design program for our students that combines both UX (user experience) design and UI (user interface) design into its comprehensive curriculum.

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Have you ever used an app and thought you have an idea to make it better? That’s exactly the kind of passion and sense of curiosity that could lead you to a future in UX/UI design and product design. 

Want to learn UX/UI design and how to become a product designer? Flatiron School has created an exciting new Product Design program for our students that combines both UX (user experience) design and UI (user interface) design into its comprehensive curriculum.

The Flatiron School Product Design course focuses on UX/UI design and covers how to design the functionality and use cases of a digital product such as a mobile application, website, or a piece of software. 

Who should take a Product Design Course? 

Product Design is a very hot, financially rewarding and in-demand career path — but is it right for you? You might be successful in this career if you have a passion for website design, interior or visual design, project management, brand strategy, graphic design, or marketing, to name a few. Or maybe you enjoy being around folks and joining conversations around product conceptualization. Or maybe you get frustrated and have better ideas when interacting with an interface of a digital product. Do you get excited or opinionated about the Netflix User Interface or curious about the science, research, and design decisions behind it? Those are the questions that may lead you to:

A) A rewarding career in product design, UX design, UI design, or front-end development

B) Learn why product design is important

C) Learn how product design can change the world

Being able to design a user experience is a very in-demand tech skill. Our Product Design course meets this demand and is a great choice for those wanting to level up their skills or looking for their next career move.  

A unique aspect of this program is how it’s built to mimic a simulated work environment. In phases 3 and 4 of the program, students will be given projects similar to assignments they will receive on the job. The instructor will act as their “boss” in how they manage assignments and expectations. At the end of the program, students will have a complete portfolio with a case study project. 

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Graduates of our Product Design program will receive 180 days of 1:1 career coaching, and will be ready for jobs such as:

  • Product Designer

  • UX Designer

  • UI Designer

  • Full-stack Designer

Tell me more about the Product Design Program … 

The Product Design program at Flatiron School will be offered as a full-time program and can be completed in 15 weeks. 

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Why should I learn Product Design at Flatiron School? 

If you want to become a Product Designer, Flatiron School is the place to be. We are built on the idea of creating a better life through education. Our students are career-changers, career-makers, and they are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. 

Working on new skills, like product design, can be tough. That’s why community is crucial to our student success. Students start the program with a cohort of students learning at the same pace, and they always boast about how their cohort was encouraging, helpful during challenging projects, and become supportive friends throughout their career. 

And when it comes to jobs, we’re committed to supporting students during their job search. We have a proven job-search framework that starts with 1-on-1 career coaching. Check out our most recent jobs report to see placement rates for both campus and online students. 

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Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of May 10, 2021. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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