Encouraging More Women to Learn to Code

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Flatiron School offers a range of coding bootcamp scholarships to encourage more women to learn to code and explore careers in web development.

1) Kode With Klossy

We teamed up with supermodel Karlie Kloss to launch Kode With Klossy, where one woman per month will be chosen for a full scholarship to our online Web Development bootcamp and earn a paid apprenticeship as a developer with one of our partners.  Learn more and apply here.

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2) Women Who Code

ToAnh Tran received a full Flatiron School scholarship through our partnership with Women Who Code. A military spouse stationed in Japan with a passion for coding, ToAnh inspired us with her goal to create a nonprofit to help military spouses find jobs remotely in the tech industry.

Women Who Code

“When my military husband got orders to transfer to Japan, I was a flight attendant at the time. I tried to commute from Japan to LAX to work my trips. It was a disaster, and I quit because it was more important for me to be with my family. I started looking into remote jobs and 80% required some type of programming skill set I did not have. I decided to do research to see how hard it would be to learn.   I realized programming would be the perfect outlet for military spouses. Most military spouses are incredibly talented, independent, smart, resourceful, and fantastic problem solvers. It is difficult for a military spouse to have a solid work history if they are moving every 18-36 months. If I can help other spouses learn how to code and help them get jobs remotely it wouldn’t matter if they have to transfer every couple of years.”

3) Web Development Scholarships for Women

Our admissions team is constantly looking for deserving and inspiring women who may be in need of a partial tuition scholarship.  We offer $2,000 scholarships off your tuition to our online coding bootcamp in web development (learn how to apply to our Web Developer coding bootcamp here). The best way to make yourself a great candidate for our scholarship is to prove your coding abilities in one of our free intro to programming courses while applying to our Web Developer course.

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