Day In The Life Of A Cybersecurity Student

Thinking of enrolling in a cybersecurity course but not sure what to expect? In this post, we cover the typical day-to-day schedule of a full-time student.

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Thinking of enrolling as a cybersecurity student but not sure what to expect? 

Whether you’re 12 or 32, the first day of school can be nerve-wracking. Finding your classroom, meeting new people, and what will you wear?! 

No need to panic. Here we’ll cover the typical day-to-day schedule of a full-time cybersecurity student so you’ll be ready for your first day – no surprises! 

Morning Standup

The typical day will start with the morning standup. This is a short group check-in for you to set your goals for the day, as well as a chance to discuss any obstacles with your peers and instructors. During this time you’ll also hear class announcements and important updates.

The session may also include a skill check to ensure the material from previous days is understood and to help bridge the previous topic’s relevance to the next (or current) topic.

Morning Lecture

After a brief review, you’ll dive right into the meat of the day – the morning lecture.

The lecture’s subject matter will vary each day based on the course phase, current learning objectives and day of the week. This lecture is two hours, so you’ll also get some breaks throughout to run to the bathroom, get a coffee, and stretch your legs.

Morning Lab

After the lecture, you’ll transition into the morning lab to work on the skills you’ve just learned.

This two-hour stretch typically starts with a brief description of the lab’s expectations as well as any tips and tricks that might help you work towards completion. This time can also be used to have a one-on-one with the instructor to clear up any points of confusion on the new material.

Lunch Break

Halfway through the day, you’ll get an hour break to eat, unwind, and recharge from the morning learning. No need to sit alone though (unless you want to, we don’t judge) – you can join those of your in-person cohort, join a Zoom lunch water-cooler, or invite other cohorts!

Afternoon Call To Order

Once lunch is over you’ll join a group check-in to review morning learning goals and discuss any blockers during the pre-lunch lab.

Afternoon Lecture

Next is the afternoon lecture. You’ll dive right into more new concepts and skills – separate from those covered in the morning lecture. This is a two-hour block as well, so you’ll get the same breaks as the morning lecture throughout.

Afternoon Lab

After the second lecture concludes you’ll transition right into the afternoon lab, a mirror image of the morning one, to apply the skills you’ve just learned from the most recent lecture.

You’ll have two hours to work through the exercise and achieve the lab objectives. You may ask your instructors for any help you may need throughout.

Evening Cool Down

The day concludes with the evening cool down. This is a low-stress check-in with your peers and instructors to review learning objectives and any blockers throughout the day. You’ll prepare for the next day as a group, ask questions about outstanding projects, and review upcoming deadlines.

These end-of-day sessions keep you accountable to your cohort and keep your learning on track.

Let’s Get Started

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Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of August 10, 2022. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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