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Data Science

10 Best Data Science Programming Languages

JavaScript, Python, C/C++ — what data science programming language should you learn if you want to become a data scientist in 2021?
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The 30 Best Tech Companies in Seattle to Work for in 2021 — A Flatiron School Guide

We look at the best salaries, perks, and job opeings across the Seattle, Washington tech industry — and which companies you should try to work at.
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How to Become a Data Scientist Without a Degree

Starting a data science career is more accessible than ever — even if you don't have a Master's or Doctorate degree.
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How Flatiron Graduate Salaries Compare vs. Local City Averages

We look at the data from our 2020 Jobs Report to see how much money Flatiron School students make after they graduate.
Software Engineering

What Programming Language Should I Learn?

In this article, we compare the best programming languages to learn in 2021 based on salaries, popularity, job opportunities, and difficulty, plus the best ways to learn them.
Software Engineering

What Is Front End Development?

Salaries, jobs, skills, and responsibilities. What does a front-end deveoper do on a daily basis, and what types of products do they create?
Software Engineering

The 30 Best Tech Companies in NYC to Work for in 2021 - A Flatiron School Guide

The tech scene in NYC is exploding, but we’ll help you find the best tech companies in NYC to work for based on employee reviews and company perks.
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Front End vs. Back End Development

Let's look at newer web development and employment trends for a Front End and a Back End developer, including salary and employment opportunities.
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Should I Learn JavaScript or Ruby at a Coding Bootcamp?

If you're asking yourself, “Should I learn Ruby or Javascript?” as you consider attending a coding bootcamp, you're asking the wrong question. 
UX / UI Product Design

UX vs. UI vs. Graphic Design: Three Different Kinds of Design

Here’s a quick overview of the three different primary forms of visual design, what they mean, and how they relate to one another