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How to Become a UX Designer

Have you ever interacted with an app or website so intuitive it felt effortless? That's the magic of UX design. But what exactly does a UX designer do, and how can you land a coveted role in this exciting field? Read on to learn how to get started in the field.
How To

Design for Good: Exploring Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is revolutionizing how designers design. Learn how a lighter carbon footprint can be achieved through the application of sustainable design concepts.
Career Advice

Design for Good: Exploring Social Impact Design

Social impact design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about using design thinking to tackle complex social issues and improve lives. Dive deeper and see how design can become a powerful tool for positive change.
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Design for Good: Exploring (and Avoiding) Bias in Design

Explore “the dark side” of design, where biased design decisions can have highly detrimental effects on product users.
Artificial Intelligence

The 8 Things People Want Most from an AI Personal Finance Platform

Smooth bank integrations and rock-solid security are just two things people want most from an AI personal finance platform. Read on to learn the other six, and find out how Flatiron’s Hackonomics hackathon teams will incorporate all eight into their Money Magnet final projects.