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Vidhi S. is a Technical Coaching Fellow, the equivalent of a teacher’s aide, at Flatiron School’s Houston campus. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and came to the United States from India in 2016 to continue her education.

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In 2018, she completed her master’s degree in Computer Science and interned at a startup in Houston before joining Flatiron School. “I fell in love with the environment and atmosphere of the campus,” said Vidhi. Teaching at Flatiron School has also been a learning experience for her. She said she’s grown so much working with the students and instructors.

She’s heavily involved in our students’ success during our immersive Software Engineeringprogram. Every 15 weeks, Vidhi works with one cohort to coach them through technical assignments and projects. Her favorite part of the job takes place on Friday when everyone comes together to share their feelings and accomplishments with each other.

Financial security is a main concern for students, according to Vidhi. Most of the students don’t have jobs because they’re full-time students for 15 weeks. But, students know the investment in Flatiron School is worth it. Students overcome their financial concerns because the skills they learn at Flatiron School will lead to a great job and a career in tech.

Students also have the support of their cohort to lean on when they need help. A lot of the friendships that begin at Flatiron School continue after graduation. Students become friends and create a global alumni network who are willing to help, share advice, and provide new leads.

Most recently, Vidhi’s favorite moment has been being the guest speaker discussing biomedics involving python and coding for the Houston PyLadies. If you attend one of our in-person events, chances are you’ll see Vidhi leading a workshop!

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