This Alum Became A Coder After Leading Multiple Successful Businesses

Enrique T. was successfully overseeing the expansion of an empanada empire after moving to the United States from Argentina. For three years, he successfully helped…

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Enrique T. was successfully overseeing the expansion of an empanada empire after moving to the United States from Argentina. For three years, he successfully helped grow the business from stalls and trucks to being sold in supermarkets. But when he was offered the chance to become a partner, he paused. Was this what he really wanted to do with his life and career?

“One day, I’m going to have grandkids and they’re going to ask, ‘So, how was it?’ And, I’m going to say, ‘It was awesome! We made a lot of money.’ But, if they asked did I pursue my dreams, the answer would have been ‘no’ and I worried that I would not be an inspiration to them.”

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He turned down the offer and pursued his dreams with our help. Enrique decided to change his career through studying at the Flatiron School and then through LinkedIn’s REACH program, he became a Software Engineer for the company. He couldn’t be happier.

He loved tech and was always an early adopter. Whether it was the first iPod or the latest iPhone, he had to have the latest piece of hardware. “I have been a huge fan of technology for my entire life, I was the ‘tech guy’ of my family,” he says. “I was always hungry to learn more about tech, and used to take apart computers for fun.”

As he considered what to do next, he thought about his passion for tech and whether he could actually start a new career in a new industry.

Enrique’s first attempt to break into tech didn’t quite work out.

“When I moved to the US, I landed in San Francisco. I applied to more than 60 companies and got nowhere,” he says. He started researching ways to become a software engineer and learned about bootcamps. He loved the introductory courses he found and soon applied to Flatiron School’s NYC campus. “I decided that, if I was accepted into their program, I would quit everything and start this journey. If not, at least I tried and wouldn’t have regrets,” he says.

Our curriculum is built to teach hard skills and soft skills like time management and communication. “The way the curriculum is structured lets you get your hands dirty and you learn the theory from practical experience. I think that’s really applicable to any job in the industry,” he says.

He says he gained his first professional network in tech. His cohort could be future collaborators, references, or a friend who knew what he was going through. “I can keep in touch and I can reach out to someone down the road who can help me. I know, 15 years from now, I can pick up the phone and talk to someone,” he says.

His hard work paid off. After graduating, he was accepted into the LinkedIn REACH engineering apprenticeship program. He made it through the entire apprenticeship and was hired by LinkedIn. Today, he’s a Software Engineer. “It was my dream to work in the tech industry, but it was out of my grasp until I acquired the skills I needed and learned to code with Flatiron School,” he says. “Flatiron School provided 1:1 career support, offered a sense of community through their online communication platforms, and had staff and students who wanted to help me succeed in doing what I loved.”

With the our San Francisco campus, more students like Enrique can make a career change with confidence. You gain the hard skills to succeed, the soft skills to grow as a developer in the future, and a professional network that will be there throughout your career.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of June 19, 2019. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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