A Flatiron Alum Learns Web Development to Pay off Student Loans

Posted by Flatiron School  /  March 3, 2015

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Like almost 70 percent of college seniors, Flatiron alum and Bronx native Armando Amador graduated with student loan debt and uncertain job prospects. After several years working in editorial design, Armando wasn’t able to make much progress toward paying off his loans—but he did discover an interest in software engineering. When he found that he was eligible for the NYC Web Development Fellowship, he decided to apply. After graduation, Armando landed a job at Wizard Development where he is currently pursuing a new passion and earning a salary that will allow him to pay off his student debt in just a few years. Although salary shouldn’t be the guiding force behind switching careers, it does make a difference. “Now I have leeway to pay extra on my student loans,” Amador told “And I don’t have to sacrifice going out with friends or buying gifts because of payments on my student loans.” Read the rest of Armando’s story or check out even more Flatiron alumni stories.