The Merit Scholarship

The Flatiron School Merit Scholarship provides a tuition credit of up to $2,000 (Scholarship amounts are subject to change) for students who show exceptional potential.

Our students are often career-changers, aspiring for more out of their job and aiming for an industry where they can make a difference. And, for those people willing to work hard to change things in their lives, tuition shouldn’t be a barrier. 

That’s why we created the Merit Scholarship — for applicants who show excitement about their new career and an application that shows their potential to succeed in our programs.


Merit Scholarships will be awarded to select individuals who demonstrate excellence and passion for the subject area in the following during the admissions process:

  • Admissions assessment
  • Admissions interview
  • Written application
  • Exceptional educational achievement, including but not limited to prep work

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Frequently asked questions

The Flatiron School Merit Scholarship is an ongoing program, and there is no application deadline.

We don’t require you to have prior experience to apply for our programs. Our admissions requirements are being at least 18 years old, having a high school diploma or a GED, having a native or highly proficient fluency in English, and completing the admissions process.

Before joining your cohort on Day 1, you will have to complete around 40 hours of prep work to learn the basics of your discipline so you are prepared to get started straight away.

Please reach out to There’s no such thing as a bad question.

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