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Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp Reviews

Victoria Thevenot
Front-End Developer, New York Magazine

“I learned how to be comfortable with something brand new and say, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing but let’s read about it; let’s tinker with it; let’s figure it out.’ And that’s carried into not just programming but situations like: my cable’s broken – how do I start to figure this? Or, I got a piece of IKEA furniture – which would normally make me feel like crying. I feel much more equipped to tackle things that are brand new to me.” Read more

Mike Spangler
Software Engineer, NASA

“You’re never going to be in a more nurturing, supportive environment that is just a complete green field for you to learn and ask questions, and challenge and be challenged. It’s an incredible opportunity to focus and to level up in a way that you may never get again in your life, or in your career.” Read more

Stephanie Oh
Product Manager, inMarket

“Something that impressed me about Flatiron School was their emphasis on selecting social, awesome people — almost as a conscious effort to break and change the stereotype about developers being dry, quiet people who don’t like to socialize. Find empathetic, good people first — then make good developers out of them. When I came here, it was a roomful of people like that.” Read more

Online Software Engineering Bootcamp Reviews

Nicholas Daniele
Frontend Engineer, Giant Machines

“I am not a STEM person, I came from an arts and humanities background and I found the Flatiron curriculum to be fun (and often very challenging) but always instructive. The instructors were always available to answer my questions and point me in the right direction.”

Shana Moore
Software Engineer, Verve

My favorite part is the community. Even though it’s likely you will never meet other students in your cohort (though there are several meetups in big cities), everyone is extremely supportive of each other and no one feels like a stranger to me.” Read more

Kirsten O'Farrell
Software Engineer, World Macro

“The difference between Flatiron and other options out there is the culture. The teaching staff, the career coaches, and the guys who started the place showed us how to love code and somehow gave us the exact right tools in the exact right order to help us help ourselves… I don’t just have an education now. I have a career.