Learn to Code for Free with Flatiron School

Whether you want to just dabble in coding or are considering starting your journey toward a career in software engineering, our workshops that help you learn to code for free are the perfect place to start.

Why learn to code for free with Flatiron School?

You can learn to code

Learning to code doesn't need to be intimidating — we've found that anyone with a passion for coding can do it.

Start with the most important basics

In our free coding lessons you'll learn the fundamentals of the most important coding languages — no fluff or filler.

Learn to code for free — no catch

All of our introductory lessons are free so you can see if coding is right for you before committing to a career-changing coding course.

Start now with HTML & CSS, Ruby, and APIs

Intro to HTML & CSS

HTML & CSS sit at the foundation of the internet. Learn how they work together to create websites and the overall web experience as we know it, and learn to code both for free with hands-on labs and tutorials.

Perfect for: Beginners with little tech experience

Topics covered: HTML Syntax, Boilerplate HTML, Common HTML Elements, Styling HTML Using CSS Selectors, Creating and Linking Stylesheets, Styling Text with CSS, CSS Box Models, Block, Inline, and Inline-Block Elements

Learn HTML & CSS

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most in-demand and exciting languages to learn for aspiring developers. Learn JavaScript fundamentals and learn how to think like a developer by exploring some of its key building blocks.

Perfect for: Beginners interested in more advanced coding

Topics covered: Programming as a Conversation, JavaScript Variables, JavaScript Data Types, Working with Strings, Boolean Expressions, Logical Operators

Learn JavaScript

Intro to Ruby

Ruby is one of the most popular scripting languages in web development, partly because of its popularity at some of tech's largest and most influential companies. Learn how to code Ruby basics for free with this hands-on Ruby tutorial and workshop.

Perfect for: Beginners interested in apps and how they work

Topics covered: Introduction to Variables, Printing to the Console, Common Data Types, Conditional Statements, Looping, Methods

Learn Ruby

Intro to API Integration

APIs are how different databases talk and communicate. Learn how APIs are used to integrate yours or someone else's data into another data set or application. You'll also learn how different programming languages are used to code different APIs.

Perfect for: Beginners interested in how systems work together

Topics covered: Fetching API Data with JavaScript, Using Data with HTML, JavaScript Syntax, HTTP

Learn API Integration

Career Prep Lite

Thinking about a career in tech, but not sure how to get there? No matter your background, Flatiron School career coaches can help craft your personal brand and get you interview ready. Flatiron School’s free lesson — Career Prep Lite — is a sneak peek into career coaching at Flatiron School.

Perfect for: Beginners interested in starting a bootcamp; beginners who want to know how to best think about the job search after a tech bootcamp; beginners who want to know more about the career services offered at Flatiron School 

Topics Covered: Career coaching at Flatiron School, how we support your job search, the importance of personal branding, how your career coach helps with mock job interviews, how to put together a resume to get into tech, and more.

Start Career Prep Lite

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Learn more about learning to code

Even if you're learning to code for free, getting started can be a daunting task. Learn more about software engineering, coding bootcamps, whether a new career is right for you, and more.

Interested in a career in UX/UI design?
Learn more about our Product Design bootcamp.

Frequently asked questions about learning to code and Flatiron School

In addition to our free introductory coding workshops, Flatiron School specializes in flagship career-change courses.

Our immersive software engineering course is offered both full-time and at a flexible pace so that anyone looking to change their life through education has the flexibility and accessibility to make that investment.

Learn more about Flatiron School and our flagship software engineering course below.

Why learn to code?

According to U.S. News & World Report, 'software developer' is the #1 best technology job and data scientist is the #2 technology job for 2021. These jobs are in high demand, boasting high salaries and low employment rates. If you want to get in on the action, you should learn to code. 

Top jobs in software engineering, data analytics, technical sales, cybersecurity engineering, and web development all rely on your ability to learn how to code. 

If you want to start a career in software engineering, learn more about Flatiron School's flagship software engineering course.

Should I learn to code?

Are you interested in a career in software engineering or website development? You should definitely learn to code. But really, learning to code is helpful for many careers.

As more jobs and businesses move online, employers are looking to hire people who have technical skills such as data analysis and coding. For example, a marketing professional who knows some HTML can make their own website updates and will likely beat out another candidate who doesn’t know coding.

Learn more about which programming language you should learn.

Is learning to code hard?

No. Learning to code isn’t hard as long as you work at it. But learning to code does require a good bit of patience and persistence. That’s why at Flatiron School your path to learning to code includes 1-1 office hours with instructors. You’re not on your own when it comes to learning to code.  

Can anyone learn to code?

Yes! 21% of students attended Flatiron School without a Bachelor’s degree. So, yes, no matter your educational background, you can learn to code and get the skills you need to get a job in software engineering or web development.

What skills should you know? Sure, it’s helpful if you know some HTML/CSS, but don’t worry. We’ll teach you that in our coding bootcamps. You can learn to code if you are an analytical thinker, problem solver, team player, and can handle project management and time management.

Is learning to code worth it?

Yes, learning to code is worth it if you want a career in the most in-demand jobs - web development or software development. Software development jobs are expected to grow by 22% from 2019 to 2029

Have you ever thought, ‘I wish there was an app for this”? If you learn to code, you can make it happen! You can solve everyday problems by learning to code and then building the solution. And that’s totally worth it. 

Plus, a career in web development or software engineering offers lots of flexibility, career versatility, and high salaries.

Further reading: Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

What programming language should I learn?

Different engineering paths require different skill sets and languages. If work in web development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are critical. If you work in data science, you'll usually be working in Python or SQL. And if you work in cybersecurity, you'll work in Python, GoLang, JavaScript, or C/C++.

Naturally, each language correlates with different roles, industries, and salaries.

We take a deep dive into each language, who excels with each, and more in our story, What Programming Language Should I Learn?

What courses and workshops does Flatiron School offer?

Flatiron School teaches students the skills they need to become a software engineer, data scientist, cybersecurity engineer or analyst, or product designer.

If you're looking to start a new career, those are the courses for you.

We also offer free introductory experiences for beginners in coding, data science, and cybersecurity.

Free tutorials:


Data Science


What software engineering courses does Flatiron School offer?

Our flagship Software Engineering program has one goal: to teach you the skills you need to become a professional software engineer. It is offered both full-time and with a flexible schedule, so you can learn to become a software engineer at a pace that makes sense for you.

What's Flatiron School's application process like?

The first step is to fill out a written application. Once you submit your application, you will hear back from our Admissions team regarding next steps. If your application moves forward, you will be invited to schedule a video call with a member of the Admissions team to better understand your learning needs, career goals, and whether the program is the right fit for you. Students may be required to complete an assessment as a part of the admissions process. After a technical interview, you will receive an Admissions decision within a few business days.

Do I need prior experience to apply to Flatiron School?

We do not require you to have prior experience to apply for any of our programs. Our admissions requirements are being at least 18 years old, having a high school diploma or a GED,  having a native or bilingual fluency in English, passing the admission interview(s), and completing any required pre-work.

Do I need a degree to get into a coding bootcamp?

No. Coding bootcamps care more about attitude and potential more than a piece of paper. If you have a high school diploma or a GED, you have what it takes to get into a coding bootcamp — and to get a job after graduation.