Learn JavaScript for Free

JavaScript is one of the most in-demand and exciting languages to learn for aspiring developers. Learn JavaScript fundamentals and learn how to think like a developer by exploring some of its key building blocks. After this lesson, you’ll have all the tools you need to take your JavaScript skills to the next level.

Why learn JavaScript with Flatiron School?

Learn JavaScript for Free

Our Learn JavaScript lessons are free — that way you can set your schedule and learn the fundamentals at your own pace.

Explore your future in tech

Our lessons are the best way to experience if learning to code is for you. Explore whether you’re passionate about pursuing code as a career, or if you just want to brush up on some skills.

Prepare for a coding bootcamp

Intro to JavaScript is an efficient way to get real hands-on experience with programming fundamentals you’ll need to get into our immersive software engineering course.

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Intro to JavaScript: Everything you'll learn

JavaScript powers all of the internet’s most exciting applications. Learn the tools of JavaScript and how to think like a developer in this interactive lesson, where you’ll gain a mastery of the fundamentals. Here’s what you’ll cover in this free workshop.

Programming as a Conversation

Whether or not you’ve written code before, it’s important to approach learning a new language with the right mindset. Learn how to think about writing code as a means of communicating, just like having a conversation with a friend.

JavaScript Variables

Start composing larger applications by creating variables, so you can assign labels to any data you need to access throughout your programs.

JavaScript Data Types

Learn how JavaScript categorizes the different types of data like strings, numbers, and objects, and how each of them interacts in this dynamic language.

Working with Strings

Know when and how to use different syntax for handling text in your application, and compose complex strings elegantly using interpolation.

Boolean Expressions

Construct conditional statements and add control flow to your code so that you can branch out and make decisions based on different variables.

Logical Operators

Learn how to negate and combine multiple expressions to write more sophisticated code, and understand why the idea of “truthiness” matters so much in our code.

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Frequently asked questions about learning JavaScript for free

Can I learn JavaScript on my own?

There's a wealth of great resources on the internet for learning JavaScript, and it’s definitely possible to learn on your own. The challenges are knowing what resources to trust, and how to sequence your learning properly. If you are learning alone, the best thing you can do is to write code frequently (active learning) and not just watch tutorials (passive learning).

How can I learn JavaScript for free?

Flatiron School offers this free course to get you started learning JavaScript and to prepare you for our Software Engineering course. You can also find some great resources like Mozilla Developer Network’s tutorials to help get you started.

Where can I learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

There are some excellent open source resources to learn more about the languages that power the web. The Mozilla Developer Network’s tutorials are top-notch. You can also check out our other free lessons, like this one on HTML and CSS, to learn more and hone your skills.

Can I learn JavaScript without HTML & CSS?

Absolutely! While JavaScript was originally designed to run in the browser, you can now run JavaScript in many different environments. You don’t need HTML and CSS to understand the fundamentals of JavaScript.

What should I learn after JavaScript?

After this Intro to JavaScript lesson, you can build on the fundamentals and see what else is possible with the power of JavaScript in our Intro to API Integration lesson

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a general-purpose programming language. It is also one of the core languages used on the internet today.

What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript is used to make websites interactive and dynamic. It is also the language behind multiple popular frontend frameworks, like React, Angular and Vue. Although JavaScript has been critical for the frontend, it can also be used to create backend applications.

Is JavaScript a programming language?

Yes. It is a fully capable general-purpose programming language.

What does JavaScript do?

JavaScript does lots of things. It is mostly known for doing all sorts of things for web pages. One thing JavaScript does that is critical to the modern web - JavaScript allows us to update content on a web page without causing the page to refresh, allowing dynamic, interactive sites.

How long does it take to learn JavaScript?

A few weeks to learn the basics, years to master.

Is it hard to learn JavaScript?

Learning how to program is hard. There isn’t a way around that. However, because JavaScript is so essential for the web, modern browsers are built with lots of tools specifically meant for testing and practicing JavaScript code.

What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?

A lot. Java is a compiled language that is used to build computer applications. When JavaScript was first created, Java was widely used, so the name was... borrowed.

Who should learn JavaScript?

Everyone that is interested in programming, web development, or web design. JavaScript is the most popular programming language and allows us to build awesome websites. As the internet has grown over the years, JavaScript has continued to increase in importance.