Flatiron School students reviewing the Flatiron School jobs report

2022 Jobs Report

Our Jobs Report offers numbers examined by an independent third party so you know what to expect when you graduate from Flatiron School and look to your future.

In 2014, we released the industry’s first independently examined jobs data.

We pioneered the concept of jobs reporting in the bootcamp industry and set a standard of transparency in educational results.

This report covers 3,196 students across our full-time and part-time programs, marking the largest Jobs Report in our nine-year history. 1,735 of these students were job-seeking graduates — their job search journey is covered in this report.

As we have grown, we have remained as committed as ever to the standards we put forth in 2014. We’re proud to continue to serve our students and the industry at large by putting results first.

A better life

through education

We were the first bootcamp to release independently examined jobs data, setting the bar for the industry, and we remain committed to delivering accurate, examined numbers so you can make an informed decision when choosing an education provider.

We wrote the leading playbook on job searches. Here’s how it works…

The heart of our organization is outcomes which is why our personalized Career Services program has such high standards. Our Career Services team hires high-quality career coaches committed to helping you find a career in tech. Through continual investment in our career services program, we are able to drive consistently high placement rates, prestige, and high average starting salaries year in and year out.

Here’s how Flatiron School’s Career Services work: After graduation, you’re paired with your new Career Coach to support your job search. Over the next 180 days, you’ll complete our Career Prep curriculum, work hand in hand with your Coach to perfect your résumé, reach out to companies, perform mock interviews, build your online portfolio and personal brand, and develop your story.

We take our tried-and-true search practices and tailor them to you so that we’re not just helping you to get a job after your bootcamp, but to find a job that aligns with your future. Aligning our goals with yours is how Flatiron School maintains quality job outcomes.

Great companies have hired Flatiron School graduates

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Meet the grads who changed their futures

Every statistic in this report is an individual who took charge of their future with Flatiron School. Here are a few Flatiron School graduates who changed careers by learning to code.

Conclusion: inspired by our student’s stories every day

As a leader in the tech industry, Flatiron School believes that education is the best investment you can make in your future.

At the time of publication of this report, our Alumni Community includes over 10,000 learners who have trusted us to guide their acquisition of new skills.

Back in 2014, we released our first independently examined jobs report, pioneering the concept of jobs reporting in the tech education industry and setting a standard of transparency in educational results.

As we have grown, we have remained committed to these strict standards, releasing examined annual jobs reports concerning graduates of our career-focused programs.

Making a career change takes commitment, focus, and courage, and we couldn’t be prouder of each student who puts in the work to see that change through.

They inspire us every day.

With immense gratitude,

The team at Flatiron School