What should I study: UX or UI design?

Check out the quick introduction Intro to Careers in Design to learn more about user experience and user interface design and choose which course is best for you. You’ll gain more insight into UX/UI design disciplines, why design is important in everyday life, and how to think like a designer. Once you’ve had a chance to read Intro to Careers in Design, take the Design Course Match Quiz to determine which course — UX or UI — is best for you.

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Free Course (No Catch)

Our intro to UX/UI design is 100% free. Enjoy this free downloadable content and  explore at your own pace.

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Explore Your Future in Design

Learn about UX/UI design, the future of the industry, and what you’ll learn at Flatiron School. You’ll hear about students’ experiences and learn about careers in design.

Start thinking like a designer

Start thinking like a designer

Intro to Careers in Design is shares insights into the differences between UX and UI design, the role of design in an ever-changing tech landscape, and the future of the design industry, including new and emerging career opportunities. You’ll soon have the information needed to choose which track (UX or UI) is best for you and be ready to take the next steps to launch a career in design.

What is design?

Learn foundational design concepts. Dive into digital design as it relates to user interface and user experience.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

Learn how UX/UI differ and where professions in UX and UI overlap.

Which is right for me?

Check out the Intro to Careers in Design and take the Design Course Match Quiz and you’ll be ready to make an informed choice about your next step toward a career in UX or UI design.

With access to WeWork, all of our community members, all of our students are going to be a part of the global community of over 400,000 people that are doing what they love.

Aaron Fazulak

Aaron Fazulak

Director of Design Education

You have questions; we have answers

  • What jobs are immersive UX/UI Design Bootcamp graduates prepared for?

    On the UX side: UX designer, UX researcher, and interaction designer. On the UI side: UI designer, visual designer, and communication designer. The skills gained during this course form a partial but important foundation for additional roles like content strategist, information architect, UX writer, UI engineer, product designer, and product owner.

    Graduates are prepared for both full-time salaried and part-time jobs, internships, apprenticeships, and contract and contract-to-hire roles.

  • What are the professional backgrounds of designers in the course?

    Just about every profession has been represented by our graduates, lawyers, chefs, ballet dancers, baristas, options traders, architects, preschool teachers, biologists, and many, many others. Any professional experience focused on practicing the soft skills needed for a design career — teamwork, customer service, research, storytelling, client management, project management, creative thinking, a desire to learn — is easily transferable to this course. Past experience with design helps even more, but some of our most successful graduates had no design experience before applying.

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