How to Land a Tech Job: The Complete Curriculum

The success of our alumni isn’t just based on the technical skills they learn during the program, but also the job-search skills they learn after graduation through our Career Prep curriculum.

Our proven job-search framework has helped thousands of grads land jobs in tech — and now that exact curriculum is available to you.

Everything you need to know to find a new job in tech

You'll learn how to perform an effective end-to-end job search — from activating the right mindset at the beginning of your search to negotiating a proper salary at the end — using the exact methods we use in our full-time Software Engineering courses. Entirely free.

Hundreds of tips and resources

Our guide includes helpful information, resources, articles, templates, videos, and more to help you successfully perform a job search. You'll have the tools to complete everyday job-search tasks and the strategy to make them pay off.

Tools to help you build your personal brand

You'll learn how to build your online brand by creating a compelling online presence. By the end of the guide, you'll have the skills to create wining LinkedIn and GitHub profiles, as well as a powerful functional résumé.

How to prepare for and succeed in your interviews

Interviews are all different, but that doesn't mean there aren't tried-and-true tactics to ensure you put your best foot forward. You'll learn how to prepare for both cultural and technical interviews, as well as how to best communicate with recruiters and get yourself in the door.

What you'll learn

We’ll take you through every aspect of the job search and cover the best ways to find a new job so that you can distinguish yourself as a no-brainer hire, including...

How to build a strong job-search foundation

How to write résumés and cover letters effectively

How to create your professional brand, including Linkedin, Twitter, GitHub, and blog

How to network both online and offline

How to efficiently apply to jobs

How to prepare for interviews — both cultural and technical

How to best communicate via email, phone, and in-person

How to negotiate salary and manage job offers

How to continue your professional development into the future

How to maintain a healthy search/work/life balance

Watch real success stories

Meet grads who attended our Software Engineering course and used our job-search strategies and tactics to help them land a job.

Scarlett, Software Engineering Apprentice at Lyft

Meet Scarlett, who reminds us that no matter how many times you fall and how exhausted you might feel — there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ed, Developer at Rent the Runway

Meet Edward, who graduated from Flatiron School and built Rent the Runway's return app using React.

Christine, Fullstack Engineer in FinTech

Meet Christine, who had no previous tech experience and, five years later, is a thriving fullstack engineer in financial services.

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