Why You Should Learn Python

Posted by Charles Poladian  /  October 17, 2019

There are so many programming languages out there, it can be hard trying to figure out which one to learn first. If you’re thinking about web development, the trio of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make sense for frontend development. But, there are also other programming languages that are becoming increasingly popular among developers. One such language is Python. It’s a powerful programming language that you should consider learning if you’re thinking about a career in tech. Here’s why.

Why You Should Learn Python blog image

It’s popular

We shouldn’t place value on something just because it’s popular. But, widespread use and adoption is something to consider as a developer. The more popular a language is, the more libraries and tooling get built for it, making the language more productive. Python is the fastest-growing major programming language, according to Stack Overflow. As part of its 2019 Developer Survey, Python was one of the most popular technologies used by respondents. Only JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL were more popular. 

Not only was Python popular among respondents, it was also well-loved. It was the second-most loved programming language, only trailing Rust, in Stack Overflow’s Survey. For respondents, it was the most wanted programming language. That means that developers who aren’t using Python in their day-to-day want to use the programming language. 

The reason for its rising popularity is because developers are constantly finding new ways to use Python. This is especially true in data science.

It’s powerful

Python is a powerful language, much to the delight of developers and data scientists. If you’re interested in machine learning or data analytics, you’ll need to learn Python, according to Dice. Being able to organize and analyze a massive amount of data efficiently is crucial for any company’s success and Python does just that.

For example, Netflix uses Python within its data science team. According to the Netflix TechBlog, it’s used to:

“Help surface insights from the vast quantities of data produced by the organization. Python is used in tools for monitoring data quality, managing data movement and syncing, expressing business logic inside our ETL workflows, and running various web applications to visualize data.”

The streaming giant also uses Python for developing applications internally.

It’s relatively easy to use

Based on its rapid adoption and popularity, you might have guessed that Python was an easy programming language to learn. You’d be right with the natural caveat that learning anything new requires patience and effort on your end.

That being said, Python rewards you for your investment. For starters, it’s quite easy to get started with because of less complex syntax when compared to other programming languages, according to KDnuggets. Python also has great resources for beginners and for programmers/data scientists who want to learn the language.

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