Why High Schoolers Should Learn Entrepreneurship

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When it comes to planning for 21st century careers, there’s nothing quite like the buzzword “startup” to begin a conversation.

And for good reason — as programming becomes an essential skill, it’s also set the stage for young adults to develop innovative business strategies. That’s why The Flatiron School is now offering Startup Entrepreneurship for Pre-College with instructors Milena Kellner and Lyel Resner, set to launch this summer in Miami and New York.

Kellner is no stranger to startups, after founding her own non-profit called Pando Projects and working in a variety of startups in education, international development, eco-tourism, and financial services.

“One of the most powerful experiences that a young person can have is to bring their idea to life,” said Kellner. “It challenges them to figure out who they are, what they believe in, and how they want to bring about a better world.”

“One of the most powerful experiences that a young person can have is to bring their idea to life.”

Over a two week course, students will learn everything from design thinking to marketing, and at the end they'll pitch a minimum viable product in front of an audience — though that’s just where it all begins. A class in entrepreneurship will give students a concrete idea of the difficulties they may face in a business launch, as well as life-long tools to persevere through unseen challenges.

“It’s going to be a really powerful experience to help not only prepare students for businesses, but prepare them for life,” said Kellner. “My hope is that every student will come out of it inspired and empowered, with the insight, skills, and confidence to go out into the world and build not just their own startup — but anything they dream.”   Tune in on Tuesday, July 14th at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EDT for a live webinar on Why High School Kids Should Learn Entrepreneurship. Courses will start on July 20 in Miami and Aug. 3 in NYC.

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