UX / UI Product Design Job Titles & Salaries In 2023

UX / UI Design Job Titles & Salaries

Over the past few years the job market has experienced an increase in demand for Product Designers.

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Over the past few years, the job market has experienced increased demand for Product Designers (also called “UX / UI Designers”). This is because Product Designers have a broad skill set that extends across both UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design. In other words, companies can benefit from having just one designer instead of multiple.  

“Oftentimes, what happens is when you apply for a UX job, the company will expect UI design. So there is a lot of handholding – because what companies want to hire is one person. If that company has one headcount, they want that headcount to do anything and everything.” – Bani Phul-Anand, Lead Instructor, Design

While there has been an uptick in Product Design roles, there are still plenty of more specialized roles across UX and UI design. So what are some common job titles and what are the average salaries?

Job Titles & Average Salaries For UX / UI Product Designers

  • Product Designer: $91,481
  • UX / UI Designer: $92,482
  • Design Director: $116,234
  • Lead Product Designer: $143,297
  • Director of Product Design: $176,000

Job Titles & Average Salaries For UX Designers

  • UX Designer: $103,429
  • User Researcher: $114,388
  • Experience Designer: $103,429
  • Experience Design Lead: $114,596

Job Titles & Average Salaries For UI Designers

  • UI Designer: $112,969
  • Visual Designer: $91,250
  • Visual Design Lead: $143,750
  • Web Designer: $58,814

Average salaries from ZipRecruiter as of April 2023

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