Flatiron School’s Ultimate Guide to Tech Events in NYC in 2020

We’ve compiled a guide to some of the best tech events in NYC in 2020

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New York City is home to an incredible tech community. The largest companies in the world and emerging startups have helped create a thriving tech scene filled with opportunity in the Big Apple. It’s no surprise that the city is a regular host to many exciting hackathons, tech conferences, Meetup groups, and events.

The best way to break into tech is by meeting people, attending events, and building your network and support system. In addition to teaching 21st century tech skills like software engineering, UX/UI design and data science, at Flatiron School, we believe in community as a powerful tool for growth and success. To help you build your network, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the best tech events in NYC in 2020. Some conferences cover multiple areas in tech, while others focus on a specific niche or programming language. At each event, you can expect to learn from industry leaders and network with the larger tech community. We hope to see you at one of these NYC tech events and conferences soon!

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Adexchanger’s Industry Preview

About: “Two days focused on what to expect in the next 12 months in marketing technology.”

  • Niche: Marketing technology, thought leadership, industry trends
  • Partner company: Access Intelligence, LLC
  • What to expect: Speaker sessions

Want to know what to expect in the year ahead for marketing tech? Adexchanger’s Industry Preview features two-days of sessions covering industry trends and networking breaks.


App Growth Summit

About: “This invite-only, limited-vendor event will feature dozens of expert presenters and panelists who are ready and willing to share secrets from their mobile app growth strategies.”

  • Niche: Mobile app development, mobile app growth strategy, user acquisition, customer engagement
  • Partner company: App Growth Experts, Inc.
  • What to expect: Training sessions, tutorials, speakers, panels

App Growth Summit features two days of panels and discussions related to app development, growth strategies, and mobile marketing. You can request an invite here.

Artificial Intelligence Conference

About: “As AI industrializes beyond research, production quality implementation becomes increasingly important. Business leaders now deploy AI models at scale, and software applications with inference capabilities are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Find out how early adopters are gaining an edge–at the expense of slower moving competitors–at the O’Reilly AI Conference in New York.”

  • Niche: Artificial intelligence, machine learning
  • Partner company: O’Reilly and Intel
  • What to expect: Training sessions, tutorials, speakers, panels

The Artificial Intelligence Conference features a mix of practical and informative panels. Topics covered include AI, machine learning, and practical ways businesses can use AI.

TechDay NYC

About: “Now a fixture within the tech and startup communities in NYC, LA and London, TechDay is geared towards connecting tech startups to all the resources they need to grow. Exhibitors feature a wide range of companies across a variety of markets and industries including those that use the event as a launchpad, to tech giants like Uber, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Quora.”

  • Niche: Startups, thought leadership, software engineering, tech trends
  • Partner company: Continental Exhibitions, Inc.
  • What to expect: Exhibitors, speakers, tech demos, community engagement

TechDay NYC is a broad event that can appeal to startup founders, tech enthusiasts, and developers. The conference features an Accelerator Alley where early-stage startups can engage with accelerators, an exhibitor center, and speaker sessions.


FullStack NYC 2020 – The Conference on JavaScript, Node & Internet of Things

About: “FullStack 2020 conference returns to New York City for its second edition abroad following the success of FullStack NYC 2019 and FullStack London. Join us and learn from the foremost experts in JavaScript, NodeJS and IoT fields.”

  • Niche: JavaScript, IoT, software engineering, development, full-stack development
  • Partner company: SkillsMatter
  • What to expect: Speakers, networking events

FullStack NYC 2020 features informative panels discussing development trends and practical programming advice. The conference is open to developers across all experience levels.


Adobe 99U Conference

About: “99U brings together 1,000 people across a variety of practices and professions. Who should attend? Anyone in a creative field working to: put an idea into action, get inspiration from creative leaders, connect with potential collaborators, manage an effective team, or understand the trends affecting the future of creativity.”

  • Niche: Leadership, Creativity, Productivity
  • Partner company: Adobe
  • What to expect: Speakers, workshops, social events
  • Note: The conference is typically held in May or June

The Adobe 99U Conference is a popular NYC tech event for designers, creatives, and anyone who creates something as a career. Attendance is capped at 1,000 and tickets typically sell out.

DeveloperWeek New York

About: “DeveloperWeek New York (#DEVWEEKNYC) is the East Coast’s largest developer & software engineering event with 3,000+ developers, engineers, architects, dev managers, IT professionals and tech execs.”

  • Niche: Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IT Management, FinTech, Leadership
  • Partner company: DeveloperWeek
  • What to expect: Speakers, Hiring Expo, Hackathons

DeveloperWeek New York is a NYC software engineering conference where developers can meet, learn about exciting tech trends, and gain new skills. In 2019, DeveloperWeek New York was held at the Brooklyn Expo Center. DeveloperWeek held its job fair at Greenpoint Terminal and Partner Events were held at various locations throughout NYC.

CE Week

About: “CE Week is the epicenter for innovation, emerging trends and insights, AND building connections in the North American technology space. It’s an event for those seeking powerful partnerships to illuminate the path towards high growth in the ever evolving consumer technology industry.”

  • Niche: Consumer tech, innovation
  • Partner company: IFA
  • What to expect: Exhibits, panels

CE Week is a consumer tech event for media, retailers, vendors, and the press. Attendees can listen to speakers discuss the latest trends in mobile electronics, display technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT). There’s also an exhibitor floor showcasing the latest gadgets and consumer tech products.



About: “Dash is a conference presented by Datadog about building and scaling the next generation of applications, infrastructure, and technical teams.”

  • Niche: Software development, project management, software engineering, dev ops
  • Partner company: Datadog
  • What to expect: Panels, Workshops, Exhibitions, Networking Events

Any engineer or developer interested in scaling, optimizing, or the reliability of their site should consider attending Dash. Attendees can choose from four different tracks, participate in workshops, see new offerings from technology and service providers, or network with their peers.

New York Venture Summit

About: “A select group of more than 100 Top Innovators from the Technology, CleanTech, Life Sciences, Healthcare, EdTech and FinTech sectors will be chosen to present their breakthrough investment opportunities to an exclusive audience of Venture Capitalists, Private Investors, Investment Bankers, Corporate Investors, and Strategic Partners.”

  • Niche: Startups, Venture capitalists, Innovation
  • Partner company: youngStartUp
  • What to expect: Panels, Company presentations, Networking events

If you have a great idea or are a startup founder, The 2019 New York Venture Summit connects startup founders with venture capitalists. Founders can pitch their startup, attend panels, and participate in networking events with investors.

Codeland Conference

About: “The only conference designed for new and growing developers.”

  • Niche: Software engineering, programming, thought leadership
  • Partner company: CodeNewbie
  • What to expect: Panels, workshops, networking events

Codeland Conference is a single-day event for young developers who are just beginning their coding journey. The NYC tech event includes informational panels, practical workshops, and an afterparty.


Global Innovation Summit

About: “The courageous leadership traits needed to foster a culture of innovation and transformation on the path to genius will be the focal point of the 2019 New York Global Innovation Summit.”

  • Niche: Leadership development, C-suite, Strategy
  • Partner company: HMG Strategy
  • What to expect: Speakers, Social Events

The New York Global Innovation Summit is geared toward executives and Chief Innovation Officers. Topics include ways new technologies can be used to increase productivity, improve the customer experience, or help build your brand as a CIO.

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Strata Data Conference

About: “Strata Data Conference is where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect—and merge. It’s a deep dive into emerging techniques and technologies.”

  • Niche: Data systems, data science, artificial intelligence, data systems, machine learning
  • Partner company: O’Reilly, Cloudera
  • What to expect: Speakers, sessions, training courses, networking events

Strata Data Conference covers everything related to data science and doing business with big data. Attendees can participate in two-day tutorial courses or listen to speakers discuss new trends in data, machine learning, and AI.

Lesbians Who Tech + Allies New York Summit

About: “This summit will bring our most accomplished leaders for an intimate conference focused on both technology trends and all things YOU.”

  • Niche: Thought leadership, industry trends
  • Partner company:
  • What to expect: Speakers, networking events

Lesbians Who Tech + Allies New York Summit is a multi-day conference focused on inclusion in tech and in communities around the world.


Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum

About: “North America’s leading conference dedicated to intranets and the digital workplace with a specialized focus on the design, governance and management of enterprise intranets and social intranets.”

  • Niche:Corporate intranets, digital strategy, the digital workplace
  • Partner company: Prescient Digital Media
  • What to expect: Speakers, sessions, networking breaks

Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum features executive from top companies to discuss the latest trends in the digital workplace. Executives and managers can attend sessions covering social media usage and digital strategies.

DATAx New York City

About: “DATAx New York City brings together over 450 business leaders and data scientists from across the country to learn, network and develop together the future of AI for business.”

  • Niche: Data science, artificial intelligence,
  • Partner company: The Innovation Enterprise Ltd
  • What to expect: Speakers, sessions, networking breaks
  • Note: This event has been held in November and December

DATAx New York City explores the way data science can be used in business. Panel topics include practical business applications for data science, AI in marketing, and networking events.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of August 29, 2019. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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