The 5 Top Reasons To Learn Remotely

We are living in extraordinary and challenging times. Here at Flatiron School, our mission is to change lives through education

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We are living in extraordinary and challenging times. Here at Flatiron School, our mission is to change lives through education – something that’s truer now more than ever.  We’ve switched our programmes to remote instruction so that, during these times, we can keep offering the same high quality programmes for passionate people who want to secure their future with a career in tech. 

We know the thought of studying online can feel odd or unintuitive. It might not be what you’re used to from years at school or university – but it has many benefits. And in some ways, extraordinary times can mean new opportunities. 

Our Lead Instructor Graham Beale is our resident remote learning expert, and teaches the online portion of our London UX/UI Design programme from his home in Gloucestershire.

Read on for his top 5 reasons to learn remotely.

1. Use your free time to pursue a more fulfilling career

For whatever reason, occasionally we look at our working lives and wonder, what if? What if I did something different as my day job? Would it be more enjoyable, would I be more passionate about my purpose and of course… could I increase my earning potential? 

Blog: Graham's Home workspace

Graham's Home Workspace

It’s usually difficult to make space to stop and reflect on the big questions. If you’re finding yourself with more alone time than usual, now’s a great time to reassess, reset, and launch yourself on an exciting new path.

Learning remotely is a smart choice to use your free time, and change your life for the better.

2. Develop expertise in remote collaboration tools and meet people!

Learning remotely at Flatiron School does not mean learning alone. We use collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom and Loom, so your experience of learning online will feel connected and personable. You’ll meet like-minded people and become inspired by diversity, which will both encourage and challenge your thinking. 

Organisations across the world are moving at pace towards remote working. There are benefits to businesses who can cast the net wide to find the best talent, and reduce operating costs.  And there are significant advantages to employees with flexibility, reduced commute time and opportunities to work for exciting global businesses beyond your commutable area. Studying remotely with Flatiron School means you’ll get real experience in remote team working and collaboration, and put yourself in a great position to get hired. 

3. Make your coffee…the way you like it

There is no doubt…. you have to be in the right frame of mind to learn. In many ways, there’s no better place to learn than your own home. Think about it. Your own comfortable surroundings – tea, coffee, food, slippers (OK, I joke about the slippers) or any other beverage of your choice, the way you like it. You can fine tune your environment to learn.

Blog: Latte

Coffee is an art form

True story: when I started at Flatiron School as a Lead Instructor, I bought a used Gaggia ‘prosumer’ espresso machine from eBay in order to learn how to make the perfect flat white and latte art. It took me many months of trying, but I’ve now perfected it! Now I can now have the best coffee whenever I please (courtesy of my favourite coffee roasters in Bristol).

How could you ‘fine tune’ your home to help you learn? Have fun with it!

4. More time to do things, less time getting to places

There is no doubt, the biggest bind about working in an office is the travel to get there. It's costly, unpredictable and essentially time you will never get back. It's dead time.

Studying from home means you can optimise your time. The average commute in the UK is 58 minutes per day – think about what you could do instead. Think about how different you would feel without rushing to catch that train or avoid that traffic. How would you spend that time instead?

Remote working and studying greatly reduces stress levels and unlocks time you thought you would never get back. 

5. Become an inspired self-starter

When people start studying or working remotely, it can be hard to detach yourself from all the distractions in your home life. How could I not get distracted by the washing up, or avoid the home improvements which desperately need attention?

There is no doubt that blending work and home lives in one building can create the danger of multiple distractions.

Yet, when you start studying for something you are truly passionate about, you become more pragmatic and purposeful about the way you live. Suddenly you’ll notice that removing distractions is the aim of the game. You’ll start understanding the best ways to focus and get things done, and how to use calendars and reminders to optimise and compartmentalise your time. Want to get your washing up cleared before you start your day? Stick 15 minutes in your calendar and bathe in the glory. You’ll feel on top of the world!

With remote learning, you’ll leave the 9-5 culture behind you and become the energised continuous learner you always wanted to be!    

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of April 2, 2020. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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