So Nice

Posted by Flatiron School  /  June 25, 2013

The following is a guest post by David Manaster and originally appeared on his blog. David is currently a student at The Flatiron School. You can follow her on Twitter here.

So Nice uses Sinatra to create a nifty little HTML interface to your desktop music player – iTunes, Spotify, and a few others.

So Nice’s UI is very simple – it’s a single web page displaying the name of the current song playing, the artist name and the album name. In the background there’s a rotating graphic related to the album, which they pull from

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The assignment for this post is to break down the files in the repository to better understand how Sinatra is structured. Here they are:

  • so-nice/ Does nothing more than require sonice.rb and run Sinatra. Has optional switches to disable controls and voting features.

  • so-nice/sonice.rb Sets the individual controls that appear on the page and the title, artist and album that are currently playing.

  • so-nice/Gemfile Tracks the gems currently used by the application. Used by Bundler, along with Gemfile.lock.

  • so-nice/Gemfile.lock Tracks the versions of the gems thatyou rely on to run your application. Used by Bundler, along with Gemfile.

  • so-nice/public The directory containing the web site.

  • so-nice/public/jquery.min.js Something in jQuery that I wish I understood.

  • so-nice/public/script.js A javascript file that changes the background for the page, assigns keyboard keys as shortcuts for different functions and holds the objects for the songs. The real brains of the operation.

  • so-nice/public/stylesheet.css The CSS stylesheet for all of the HTML on the page.

  • so-nice/views The directory that holds the code that will generate the HTML for the web site.

  • so-nice/views/index.haml The sole file that generates the HTML for the app.