One Student’s Advice on Being a No-Brainer Hire

Posted by Flatiron School Students  /  October 16, 2019

On being a no-brainer hire…

// When Yamini first heard about a job opportunity as a Client Solutions Engineer at Updater, she radiated with excitement while discussing it with her coach. This was the role and the company that Yamini was made for, and she wanted to make sure they saw her as a "no-brainer" hire.

She was thoughtful and diligent about every interaction — from scheduling emails to each interview — as a part of their long interview process. She came to each coaching meeting prepared with questions and even made the time to have a second mock cultural interview. Yamini impressed Updater so much that when she told them she had a job offer from another company, Updater called her immediately to ensure that she would be available for a final interview. It was clear they saw her as a strong candidate, and it was up to her to put every last bit of energy she had to make sure that she was the clear choice.

Yamini's final step was to add value to her candidacy by creating a special project that highlighted her excitement for the company and her understanding of their clients' needs. She was given a verbal offer the day of her final interview, and she accepted shortly after.

What did you do that most positively impacted your job-search?

Throughout the entire process, I constantly asked for feedback and ways to improve my interviewing abilities. Flatiron School helped me understand how to think like a developer and tackle technical challenges, but the nervousness that comes with a job interview can only be alleviated through targeted practice. After every interview, I'd always look for feedback from the Business Development team, my coach, or the interviewers (if they had any). The small bits of targeted improvement ultimately built up to many positive changes when I started my interview process for Updater.

What suggestions do you have for other enthusiastic job-seekers?

Don't be discouraged if you're rejected the first few times of your interviewing process. Always take into account both the pros and cons of a situation, and try to walk away with meaningful impressions to improve for the next interview.

Congratulations and best of luck, Yamini!