NYC Web Development Fellowship Alum Geraldina Alverez-Garcia's Career Transformation

By Flatiron SchoolJuly 18, 2016

“The possibilities are endless. You can create anything you imagine from scratch,” Geraldina Alverez-Garcia tells Fox News of her experience learning to code at Flatiron School.Geraldina is a graduate of our NYC Web Development Fellowship, which aims to equip New Yorkers—who might not otherwise have the opportunity—with the skills necessary to launch careers in web development. The fellowship, offered free of cost through a partnership with the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline, is open to foreign-born New Yorkers with no prior coding experience making less than $50,000 a year. 

Thanks to the rigorous program and her newfound passion for programming, Geraldina went from being unemployed to inundated with job prospects almost overnight—she now works a fulfilling job as a Software Engineer. “Living in New York City on my own has been quite an experience, but I can’t believe how much my life has changed since I completed the NYC Web Development Fellowship. After juggling jobs to pay my rent and struggling with immigration lawyers, the Fellowship provided the opportunity of a lifetime. Today, I’m excited to be working as a Software Engineer where I am able to do what I love every day.”Below, Geraldina’s talks about her journey to becoming a Software Engineer on Fox News. 

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