Next Chapter: Student FAQs

Posted by Adam Enbar  /  June 29, 2020

Will my course change?

Your course experience will not be affected. You can expect the exact same Flatiron School experience you’ve been receiving. Rest assured that our focus on providing the best educational experience through our instructors, curriculum, and career services will not change. Flatiron School will continue to operate its campus programs out of WeWork locations, with each student continuing to have access to these spaces. 

Will the credential I get at the end of my course change? 

All students who graduate from our in-person and online programs will continue receiving a Flatiron School certificate and will be a graduate of Flatiron School.

Will my billing change? 

No, you will continue to be billed by or to send tuition to Flatiron School. 

Will the name of the school change? 

For now, our name will remain Flatiron School. 

Am I still a “Flatiron School Grad?” 

Yes! You can continue to refer to your Flatiron School education as you always have.