ManhattanJS: Alumni Announcements, Presentation Slides, <3's

Posted by Flatiron School  /  July 24, 2014

Every month, we’re really happy to host ManhattanJS, a group of JS enthusiasts (including a bunch of our alums!) who bring great programmers together to talk about their work, passions, and sometimes cats. Yesterday evening marked the latest of these gatherings—and we had a blast. Here’s proof! All photo credits go to the talented Matthew Bergman.

Alumni News

Sara Gorecki, who recently graduated from our Web Development class, announced the very first QueensJS meeting, taking place on August 8. There are only a few spots left. Snag one here! All ticket proceeds go towards charities that work to increase code literacy among NYC youth.

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And Ruby alum Saron Yitbarek gave a non-technical talk about her passion/talent for drawing.

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…in which she shared the drawings she made for her Flatiron School application (it was awesome), including one our CEO Adam’s face.

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Pretty good, right?!

Presentations and Slides

Nicholas Ortenzio, a developer at the NBA, spoke about using D3 and Angular to visualize data. Here are his slides for your perusal.

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Steve Klabnik of Mozilla talked Rust for Rubyists. You can find his slides here.

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Finally, big thanks to the ManhattanJS folks, Zahra, Rushaine, and Brenda for showing us such a good time. The next meeting is on August 27. Visit their site to learn more!