Flatiron School is Launching Data Science and UX/UI Design Courses in London

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Flatiron School is proud to announce the launch of two Immersives at our London campus. Our cutting edge Data Science Immersive and our newly developed UX/UI Design Immersive will be available to Londoners ready to make a change. With the launch of these courses, students in London gain modern skills for the jobs of today and the future. Whether it’s software engineering, data science, or UX/UI design, Flatiron School’s London campus has an Immersive for you.

Data science is one of the fastest growing fields in tech and the demand is not slowing down. Data scientist was called the “sexiest job of the 21st century” by the Harvard Business Review in 2012. Since then, it was named the best job in America and one of the top jobs in the UK by Glassdoor. Data scientist was named the most promising job of 2019 by LinkedIn. Machine learning engineer, which also uses data science skills, was also on LinkedIn’s list.

First launched at our flagship Manhattan campus, the Data Science Immersive uses real tools to train students to solve real data science problems. Students will learn how to gather data, apply statistical analysis to answer questions with that data, and make their insights as actionable as possible. You’ll learn the fundamentals of programming concepts in Python and PHP, dive deep into statistics and linear modeling, and explore advanced machine learning concepts.

The UX/UI Design Immersive is powered by Designation, the world’s largest dedicated User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) digital design program, which Flatiron School acquired in August 2018. The UX/UI Design Immersive combines Designation’s proven curriculum and Flatiron School’s proven commitment to its students and innovative Learn.co platform.

After you’ve been admitted and enroll into any of our Immersive courses, you’ll pay a £1,000 deposit. Tuition only becomes due once you get a job and start earning income. All of our career programs have a money-back guarantee for graduates (see details). If you don’t get a job offer within 6 months of job-seeking you are eligible for a tuition refund.

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