5 Places to Learn to Code for Free in Los Angeles

Explore our list to see where you can start to learn to code in LA for free.

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Don’t forget about Los Angeles when you think of West Coast tech hubs. After Seattle and San Francisco, Los Angeles is home to the next largest pool of tech workers, according to a 2019 CBRE report. The report also places LA eleventh in the nation for tech job growth. There’s never been a better time to learn to code in Los Angeles.

How do you learn the skills to land a tech job in LA? Look no further than the city’s many free coding Meetup groups and coding workshops. By joining these coding workshops in LA free coding courses, you’ll be able to know coding if coding is for you and you actually enjoy and want to pursue it as a career choice. 

Once you learn to code for free in LA and decide to go one step further to make a career change, there are multiple coding bootcamps in LA for career changers. For full transparency, Flatiron School offers our career-changing full-time or part-time Online Software Engineering course, and is a great way to learn to code online in Los Angeles.

To get started on your beginner coding skills, explore the below list to see where you can start to learn to code in LA for free. And once you do, there are plenty of full-time software developer bootcamps in LA to help you launch your coding career.

Free Meetups & coding bootcamps in Los Angeles

Learn Teach Code LA

Regardless of whether you want to learn basic coding skills or become more comfortable teaching people how to learn to code, Learn Teach Code LA is the perfect place to learn programming skills in an informal setting. Also offering a free Slack channel for coding beginners, this group offers the often-needed moral support while learning to code. From free coding workshops to pair-programming, check out Learn Teach Code LA if you want to learn to code for free.

Past Events: “Downtown LA Code & Coffee” and “Burbank Coding Study Group”

Musicians Code

When you think of LA, you often think of the bright, energetic music scene. With Musicians Code, you’ll meet local area musicians learning to code in LA. Another great way to flex your brain’s creative muscles, coding pairs perfectly with those who love to create and play music. As you learn to code alongside fellow musicians, you’ll find similar parallels between the two activities.

Past Events: “How to Change Careers: Creative & Tech Edition” and “Capitol Records Hackathon: API Workshop”

Learn to Code in Los Angeles 

Run by Sabio, one of the oldest coding bootcamps in the country, Learn to Code in Los Angeles offers a variety of beginner coding courses, including their immersive bootcamp. As a result, you can learn how to code in either their free Meetups or in their full-fledged bootcamp program. 

Past Events: “Intro to JavaScript Concepts” and “Launch a Lucrative Tech Career”

Women Who Code LA

Learn to code for free with Women Who Code’s LA Meetup chapter. Inspiring women to excel in technology careers, WWCode offers programming not only for beginner software engineers, but also UX/UI developers and data scientists. Whether you have some experience or are a complete beginner, all are welcome to learn how to code and develop their programming skills.

Past Events: “Test Out Securing Digital Assets” and “Building Low Code Applications with Oracle Autonomous Database”

Flatiron School LA Coding Community

Learn to code in LA with Flatiron School’s Meetup group. While Flatiron School’s coding bootcamp doesn’t have a physical campus in Los Angeles, our Meetup group organizes virtual events and in-person connections with local organizations, our LA-area instructors, and alumni.

Past Events: “The Science Behind Netflix Recommendations” and “Thinking about a Career in Code?”

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of April 29, 2020. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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