4 Places to Learn How to Code for Free in Miami

Learn to code for free with these free coding class in Miami.

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There’s never been a better time to learn to code in Miami. Home to an emerging startup scene, the tech industry in Miami is poised to offer an increasing number of tech jobs in south Florida. Though these tech jobs still account for a relatively small percentage of Miami-Dade jobs, the availability of tech jobs grew 40 percent between 2012 and 2018, according to the county’s Beacon Council economic development agency, making it the fastest growing job sector in the Miami and one of the best cities to become a software engineer. 

So, how do you get a coder job in Miami? First, find out if you enjoy learning and using software engineering skills. The best way to find out what software engineers do and learn basic coding skills is to attend free computer coding classes in Miami. 

If you decide to go one step further and make a career change, there are multiple coding bootcamps in Miami for career changers. For full transparency, Flatiron School offers our career-changing full-time or part-time Online Software Engineering course, and is a great way to learn to code online in Miami.

Explore the below list to see where you can start to learn to code in Miami.

Free Coding Classes & Meetups in Miami  

<Breathe Code/>

Sponsored by 4Geeks Academy, <Breather Code/> offers live, free coding sessions and information sessions. The meetup, a non-profit focused on accelerating the way junior software developers learn and evolve using technology, also features free coding classes on HTML, CSS, NodeJS, and more. Their free meetups help you learn to code to for free, as well as introduce you to others learning to program in Miami.

Past Events: “Blockchain Workshop” and “Github Activity Tracker with React and 8base”

Learn to Code in Miami

Organized by Wyncode, this Meetup group hosts free coding workshops and discussion sessions on a variety of programming languages, including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Additionally, they regularly host gatherings that discuss how to hire tech talent and launch your tech startup. Whether you are an absolute beginner or seeking to build out your network, Learn to Code in Miami is a great resource for those who want to learn to code in Wynwood.

Past Events: “Speak in Code: Intro to JavaScript” and “Learn Technology Terminology (AKA How to Speak Web Developer)”

Learn to Code & Design

Presented by Ironhack, this group is specifically designed for learning beginner coding skills. Ironhack also offers a full-time, career change bootcamp, but their Meetup group is a great place to start to learn to code. If you’re interested in UX or UI design, they also offer free design courses alongside their programming workshops. An incredible resource for beginner coding, check out Learn to Code & Design’s upcoming events.

Past Events: “Intro to JavaScript: Build a Game in One Hour” and “Conquering Imposter Syndrome”

Flatiron School Miami Coding Community

While Flatiron School doesn’t have a physical campus in Miami, our Meetup group organizes virtual events and in-person connections with Miami tech companies and Flatiron School alumni. Learn to code online with the events organized in our Miami Meetup group, attending free online coding classes. 

Past Events: “Build Your Own Website” and “Women in Tech Panel”

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of April 16, 2020. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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