How to design an outcomes-oriented training program for an enterprise

Need an educational experience for your company that is engaging for your employees and achieves your department’s learning objectives? Partner with Flatiron School for targeted, engaging, outcomes-oriented tech skills training.

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How do you design an educational experience for your company that is simultaneously engaging for your employees, achieves your department’s learning objectives, and is correctly balanced for their current level of understanding?

Flatiron School is an outcomes-oriented educational institution with a studied approach to designing, building, and delivering technical training programs. For each of our program offerings, Flatiron School works hard to understand the background of our student personas, identify their target outcomes, and deliver educational experiences that ensure students achieve those target outcomes.

Within Flatiron School’s consumer-facing programs, many of our students have little-to-no background in technical arenas. Our target outcome for these students is an entry-level job in a relevant technical field. With this in mind, Flatiron School designed, built, and iterated on an educational experience — inclusive of admissions criteria, 800+ hours of content, and a robust career services apparatus — that ensures our students achieve these goals.

Flatiron School takes an identical approach to enterprise partnerships. While some corporate training providers offer a one-size-fits-all model and off-the-shelf products, Flatiron School has seen this approach to be insufficient in addressing the holistic training needs of large-scale organizations. No one understands the technical training challenges of an organization better than an organization’s internal stakeholders and subject-matter-experts.

All of our enterprise partnerships begin by interviewing a wide variety of internal stakeholders. The goal of these interviews is to gain a deep understanding of the target training outcomes, profile of participants, and any constraints around course delivery. Once those baselines are established, Flatiron School curates its product offering, tailored to address the organization’s specific needs.

This outcomes-oriented approach results in a formula that Flatiron School deploys across all of our training deliverables:

model for outcomes based approach to enterprise training

This method provides Flatiron School and our enterprise partners with the relevant levers to create effective technical training programs.

Below are several examples that illustrate the approaches Flatiron School would take towards design and delivery with enterprise partners:

  1. If the course participants are company Executives (Input) and the goal of the course is to provide them with a wide overview of how to identify and prevent cyber threats in the financial industry (Outcome), Flatiron School would propose a 1-day cybersecurity workshop, inclusive of real-world examples (Experience).

2. If the course participants are Business Analysts (Input) and the goal of the course is to provide them with the skills to manage large data sets in Python, independent of engineering support (Outcome), Flatiron School would propose a 40-hour data analytics upskilling course (Experience).

3. If the course participants are IT Professionals (Input) and the goal of the course is to transition them to become full-time Software Engineers (Outcome), Flatiron School would propose an 800-hour immersive Software Engineering retraining course (Experience).

Each of these examples is intended to illustrate the various ways that Flatiron School works together with our partners to understand their training needs and tailor our offering accordingly. Flatiron School sees its role as more than just a training provider. We are a consultative partner that is supporting large-scale organizational transformation. By isolating these three variables (Input, Experience, Outcome), we have found much success in identifying and directly addressing high priority business needs.

Flatiron School offers targeted, engaging, outcomes-oriented Software Engineering training, Data Science training, UX/UI Design training, and Cybersecurity training.  Contact to see what we can create for your team.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of September 17, 2021. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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