How an Opera Singer and a Language-Lover is Connecting People Through Technology

Posted by Flatiron School Students  /  December 2, 2019

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WeWork's first Flatiron hires!

// Martina Weidenbaum left her first interview with WeWork excited about the prospect of working for a place whose mission made her feel like she was joining a movement rather than just a company. "I hoped that by being part of that team, I could live that mission and be part of a community, breaking barriers," she said.

Motivated to make herself stand out as a no-brainer hire, Martina went home and — before being asked to complete a code challenge, the next step in the hiring process — built the company an app that showcased her React/Redux skills and showed that she understood and appreciated the company's end goal.

An opera singer turned small business owner turned software engineer, Martina started her new role at WeWork in March.

Asked to reflect on her job search, Martina shared the following pointers:

Take one day at a time. Every night, make a to do list for the following day rather than the week. If you don't get to something move it to the next day's list and keep your day's activities varied to keep you focused and motivated.

Networking can be really powerful. With friends it can feel awkward at times and might help to keep the relationship professional during the job search. With strangers, you never know who you will meet and what they might be able to offer. One contact from Amazon did a mock technical interview with Martina, which helped to build her confidence.

Keep in touch with your fellow Flatiron students. The shared experience is very powerful and this is an automatic support network for the job search and beyond.

Thank you for sharing your insights, Martina, and congratulations!


Crowdsourcing amongst your peers…

What is your favorite way to stay sane and balanced while managing the stresses and competing priorities of the job search?

  • Block out time to go to the gym and just not think about interviews.

  • Talk to friends about upcoming interviews for encouragement.

  • Prioritize networking! After holing up in my room / WeWork for 7 months, it’s been very invigorating to meet software engineers / other bootcamp grads. I always come back from these encounters energized and it reminds me that job hunting is just a small part of a much bigger picture, which calms me down.

  • Realize that a failed interview or two won’t ultimately decide your future and that you can do anything as long as you run towards your problems/weaknesses, smile, and be aggressively kind to others.

  • When you do "fail" an interview, ask for feedback. Hopefully they will give you tips for success next time and it will boost your morale.
    Work from cafes/restaurants/bars and eat the pain away.

  • Procrastinate on Slack.

  • See interviews as practice/reps that keep polishing you until you're better/getting the hang of it.

  • Talk to your fellow cohort mates and make time to share each other's struggles or experiences.

  • Keep practicing code challenges/problems to warm up the brain constantly.

  • Set aside time for the gym/yoga.

  • Volunteer dog walking at shelters.