Helping Students Find their “Why” With Seattle Campus Manager Cody Green

Posted by Flatiron School  /  December 20, 2019

At Flatiron School, the community on our campuses is essential to helping students get through the journey to code, which is often intense, immersive, and filled with highs and lows along the way.

We sat down with Seattle Campus Manager, Cody Green, to talk about how he helps Seattle students through their journey to code. 


How long have you been at Flatiron School Seattle? What brought you to join?
It’s almost a year since I started with Flatiron School. I came as a Software Engineering Coach moving from another coding school in Seattle. I just found out that this was the niche that I wanted to be in— helping others transition into a new career in tech. 

I moved into the Campus Manager role about four months ago. I love it because it gives me a great opportunity to really be a champion for our students and work hard to make sure that they are getting a great education.

Tell me about the community on campus. What makes the Seattle campus exciting?Our community on campus is awesome! Our staff really focuses on and cares about the whole of the student and not just the technical side. We make sure the students know that we are working hard for them and are here for them—no matter what they need.

What makes our campus exciting is the ownership and accountability that every staff member takes. Their focus is singularly on helping our students make change and get new jobs. Everything that we’re thinking about and working towards has that goal top-of-mind.

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What resources does the Seattle campus provide to students in their journey to code?
Monthly, we have Alumni Q&A lunches that give our students an opportunity to hear from an alumni who has gone through the program and is now working in their first job as a software engineer. Our students get to better understand how our support system evolves from the classroom to the career coaching component, and finally, continues when their in their new career.

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How do you help students get through imposter syndrome?
Heres the thing: you can’t get through imposter syndrome, it is always going to be there. It’s a common misconception that you’re going to get through it—from what I have seen the more successful you are, the more you have to deal with imposter syndrome. It doesn’t just go away once you become the CEO of your own company—it can feel like it doubles as the pressure increases. 

What we try to work on here is reaching out for help and when your imposter syndrome is telling you that you can’t do something. Instead of closing down and stopping, you reach out a hand and ask for help.

Our students blog throughout the process to document and share their unique journeys at Flatiron School. Tell us why that’s important?
The people who decide to start this program and change their career are extremely brave: they’re taking a chance to explore and to learn a new skill.

I love our blog series, because it gives students the space to write about what they’re learning, and that in turn stokes the fire and keeps them motivated.

Many of our students start by writing about their “why,” i.e. why they decided to switch careers in the first place. It’s a great thing for them to look back on, and to reflect on the path they’re building for their futures.

Why do students come to Flatiron School, Seattle?
Students come here because when they come here for a tour we are honest with them. We encourage them to do their research because this is a big life decision.

We make ourselves available in multiple ways to prospective students, by offering open houses and open labs as a way for students and prospective students to come in and work on pre work and course prep material. It’s the start of the Flatiron School journey, where we focus on what each student needs and how we can help every step of the way. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at Flatiron School?
My favorite thing about working at Flatiron School is that your voice is always heard. Whether you have an idea or a concern, someone is always willing to listen and work with you on it.

Why is it a good time to work in tech in Seattle?
The options in Seattle are endless! We have tech jobs that encompass a whole range of opportunities.. Whether you want to work at one of the cloud giants, develop games, join a startup, or start your own company—it’s all possible here in Seattle and there is nothing out of your reach.

What’s exciting about the Seattle tech community?
What’s awesome about the tech community here is that there are tons of people who are working together with a great passion for tech to make it more accessible for everyone.It’s a tremendous community that gives so much—especially to bootcamp grads.