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I’ve been working at the Flatiron School for about two and a half months now so I figured it was time to introduce myself.  

My name is Blake Johnson and I am a programmingaholic.

I caught the bug about two years ago on the floor of a hedge fund and have been bedridden subsisting on a diet of mainly Ruby with some C, and Javascript sprinkled in for flavor.  

Fittingly, the first time I met Avi was in Madison Square Park over some Shake Shack, not far from where we’d end up working together two years later.

I left my job and holed up for a summer in my apartment where I taught myself Rails and built my first web app, “Social Caucus.”  After getting a working prototype up I moved on to a position as a Rails developer at Lifebooker.com. While I was there I  developed a particular passion for unix, networking, AWS and gold chains.

I followed up my time at Lifebooker with a stint as a student at Hacker School (Fall ‘12 what up!), one of the formative experiences of my life.  Hacker School was a time of tremendous growth for me as a teacher and learner: The students at Hacker School are the teachers.

I hope to continue to integrate what I learned at Hacker School into my teaching methodology and always remember what it was like to be a beginner.

It’s my goal to continue in the dual role of both teacher and student at The Flatiron School.

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