Graduate Spotlight: 4 Inspiring UX / UI Product Design Portfolios

UX UI Design Portfolios That Will Inspire You

We’ve rounded up four stunning portfolios, all created by Flatiron School’s talented Product Design graduates. Get ready to be inspired!

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Portfolios are everything to designers. Potential employers, clients, and peers will often review portfolios to understand a designer’s methodology and visual approach to problem-solving – which means they’re just as (if not more so) important as a resume. Ultimately, portfolios establish your personal brand, communicate who you are as a designer, and showcase your own unique style and creativity. 

We’ve rounded up four stunning portfolios, all created by Flatiron School’s talented digital design graduates. Get ready to be inspired!

1. Debbie Chan

Debbie Chan, UX / UI Product Design Graduate
Debbie graduated Flatiron School’s Product Design course in February 2022, where she studied UX, UI, and Product Design. Her life motto? “If it ain’t broken, I’ll just iterate it.”

2. Jasmine Johnson

Jasmin Johnson, UX / UI Product Design Graduate
Jasmine worked in search marketing prior to graduating Flatiron School in January 2022. “I believe in using data to inform decisions that combine form and function to make interactions pleasant for people and impact business performance, that’s my jam.”

3. Justin Shi

Justin Shi, UX / UI Product Design Graduate
Justin sought to further develop his UX / UI design skills through Flatiron School’s Product Design course. He graduated in May 2022. “I am a designer interested in creating beautiful and accessible design so that every user who interacts with my work will be positively impacted.”

4. Keven Nguyen
Following a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, Keven turned to Flatiron School for a new academic challenge. He describes himself as obsessed with learning and naturally curious about everything. His greatest strength is UX research. 

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