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Two weeks after the launch of the Immersive Data Science bootcamp at our flagship Manhattan campus, we’re proud to announce two more data science courses. The first, Intro to Data Science, is a part-time course on our New York and London campuses focusing heavily on the tools any true data scientist is fluent in. Mainly for people who aren’t necessarily looking for a career change — if they were, we’d recommend the Immersive Data Science Bootcamp for them — it's for those looking for a competitive edge or to skill up in their field. Upon finishing the course, graduates will be proficient in SQL, Python, data visualization, and statistical analysis.

Note: Intro to Data Science is no longer available at Flatiron School.

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The second, Data Science Bootcamp Prep, is along similar lines, but is targeted toward those looking to prepare themselves for our Immersive Data Science Bootcamp. The course covers the basics of data science with over 75 hours of curriculum. Where it differs from Intro to Data Science is also how it’s accessed. DS Bootcamp Prep is entirely online and is accessible to anyone for free. We understand the commitment a full bootcamp is, so the prep also serves to help our potential students see if data science is indeed something that aligns with their future and is worthy of their investment. Like always, if you have any questions about either of our courses, simply reach out to our admissions members here for more info here.

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