Flatiron School Announces UX/UI Design Immersive In NYC

Posted by Flatiron School  /  December 11, 2018

Flatiron School pioneered our coding bootcamp with the launch of our first campus in Manhattan in 2012. We’ve since gone on to launch campuses across the US and London, along with an Immersive Data Science Bootcamp, since being acquired by WeWork in 2017.

Now, we’re proud to continue to redefine tech education with the launch of our UX/UI Design Immersive.
The first UX/UI Design Immersive course begins Feb. 25, 2019, at our flagship Manhattan campus.

“Becoming part of the WeWork family has opened doors for our students at campuses around the world and we’ve expanded our offerings by acquiring the industry-leading Designation,” said Adam Enbar, CEO of Flatiron School. “It’s exciting to close out this incredibly successful year by announcing that we’re bringing design to New York so that we can define the industry standard from our flagship campus and the same city where we pioneered the coding bootcamp.”

Te new bootcamp will be powered by Designation, the world’s largest dedicated User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) digital design program, which Flatiron School acquired in August 2018.

UX/UI Design Immersive combines Designation’s proven curriculum with Flatiron School’s Career Services, money-back guarantee (see those details here), passionate instructors, and commitment to student success. The 24-week course provides in-depth training and the ability to work with a live client as part of the curriculum. Students will learn design basics online for the first 12 weeks of the course. From there, students will decide whether they will continue on the UX or UI design track for the remaining 12 weeks of the course on-campus in New York.

W’e excited to continue our mission to enable the pursuit of a better life through education.

What is UX Design?

As the name applies, UX is the complete user experience as they use a product, app, or website to reach their goal. It’s the button you press to order a car on Uber, the clean design of your favorite app, or all the ways to find a great restaurant on Yelp. A UX designer focuses on everything before the final product including research, mock designs, and wireframes.

Take Cindy W., for example. Cindy's a recent Designation grad who worked with Tiltas.
Tiltas is an organization whose mission is to reduce recidivism rates by making it easier for those recently released from prison to reenter society. Tiltas was Cindy’s client while she was at Designation.

Cindy worked with the organization’s founder to help develop an app that connects individuals to mentors who help them through the reentry process. Cindy interviewed halfway house employees and individuals who have successfully reintegrated to identify problems and technological restraints. She worked with another UX researcher, created concepts, and reiterated on successful concepts based on feedback. At the end of a three-week sprint, Cindy delivered wireframes and a prototype to Tiltas. You can read more about her UX design journey and the lessons she learned here.

What is UI design?

UI design builds off the lessons and research from UX design and brings it to life. The UI designer creates a visual, high-quality final product based on the wireframes and prototypes created by the UX designer.

After Cindy delivered her wireframes and prototype, Stephanie L. took over as the UI designer. She continued to refine the wireframes, which included removing a ratings and reviews feature, choosing a color scheme, and rearranging features to make it more accessible and intuitive for all digital literacy levels. There were further iterations and considerations that Stephanie incorporated into the app based on her collaboration with Tiltas. You can read more of her UI design learnings and see the final product.