Flatiron School Announces the Change Makers Scholarship

Posted by Flatiron School  /  February 1, 2019

At Flatiron School, we’re building the school of the future where everyone, at every age, regardless of wealth or class, learns how to change their future and the world. Inspired by our graduates and the impact their work is having, we’re offering partial scholarships starting at $1,500 to eligible students who apply to one of our Software Engineering or Data Science on-campus or online career courses through our Change Makers Scholarship.Each of the thousands of students who are currently enrolled in Flatiron School or have graduated have their own incredible stories of change. Some of these may seem small, such as a student leaving their job to start their career as a software engineer, but all change requires passion and determination. And the impact doesn’t end with a career change.  We teach people how to change things: Their careers, their lives, and their world.Aspen J. was a barista with a passion for coding before attending Flatiron School. “Flatiron School gave me the tools and confidence I needed to make that change happen,” said Aspen. “As a non-binary programmer and technical coach, I’m helping to change the perception of the tech industry.” “Flatiron School gives me a platform to inspire and foster growth in our students and show them that’s it’s OK to be exactly who you are in tech and, together, we can make change happen.”Remmy C. was a lawyer who went from an industry that rarely changed to a career where innovation happens daily. “I wanted to care about the work I was doing every day, which is why I chose a socially responsible company,” said Remmy. “Change in my personal life, is leaving something better than I found it. Whether that be the world around us, myself, my skills, the way I think or the way I interact with people, it’s a very holistic approach.” Lucas M. was a teacher who’s now changing an organization from within. “I believe I was the first bootcamp graduate here. Now, there are 4 or 5. I'm pretty proud of coming on and helping mature the organization in that way,” said Lucas.What do you want to change? What change do you hope to inspire? Applications are now open for our Change Makers Scholarship. Apply by Feb. 28 to be eligible. We’re dedicating 2019 to continuing to grow and develop, and we hope you will too.