Exploring How Code Is Creative Using Music

Posted by Charles Poladian  /  September 3, 2019

Code can be as expressive as music and we show you just how creative it can be in our “Music & Code” workshops. Avi Flombaum, one of our co-founders, was a special guest at a recent “Music & Code” workshop. Music is a universal language and it’s the perfect way to introduce code. “One of the reasons why I love teaching people how to code by creating music is because music is so tangible,” Avi says. “When you can hear what your code is doing, it suddenly makes it so real and tangible.”

Our “Lay Down the Beat: Music Coding Workshop” events are perfect for newcomers and novices who are curious about code. You’ll learn to code creatively by creating music from different genres. While you’re having fun, you’re also learning the basics of web development. 

Code and music are structurally similar, according to Avi. You have notes that lead to chords that lead to melodies in music. You can listen to the song or arrangement and appreciate it at face value. But, that song is composed of individual elements. The same goes for a website or app. There’s the overall experience you enjoy and the underlying lines of code that went into creating the fast load times or intuitive design.

We offer “Music & Code” workshops at each of our campuses and as webinars. Visit our Events page to see if there's an event in your area.