Computer Science Degrees vs. Coding Bootcamps [webinar recap]

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This week, Flatiron School was part of a webinar on Computer Science vs. Coding Bootcamps hosted by our friends at Course Report. Our VP of Education, Joe Burgess, along with the founders of other bootcamps like Hack Reactor, Startup Institute, and and Bloc tackled loaded questions like:

  • “How are coding bootcamps different than CS Degrees?”

  • “Can students from coding bootcamps really get jobs? If so how?”

  • “What are bootcamps doing to evolve and how will that overlap with universities?”

  • much more!

Miss it? Check out the recording below, plus some of our favorite moments from Twitter.

“We work with employers to set them up to hire amazing bootcamp grads who may not have bachelors degrees” - @jmburges from @FlatironSchool

— CourseReport (@CourseReport) February 25, 2016

“Recruiters: 'if I don't hire , what did I do with my money and years at college?' It's an ego thing” - @idealexit @StartupInst — CourseReport (@CourseReport) February 25, 2016

@idealexit of @StartupInst on bootcamps partnering with colleges: “You're integrating into the status quo in order to disrupt it.”

— CourseReport (@CourseReport) February 25, 2016

Listen to the recording below!

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