The Danger of Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket: Brian Tracy’s Story

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Brian Tracy began his job search thinking he could get any job he interviewed for. He soon learned not to put all his eggs in one basket.

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This article about Flatiron School graduate Brian Tracy is part of the Coaching Collective series. The series features tips and expertise from Flatiron School Career Coaches. Every Flatiron School graduate is eligible to receive up to 180 days of 1:1 career coaching with one of our professional coaches. This series is a glimpse of the expertise you can access during career coaching at Flatiron School. 

Brian Tracy, a Flatiron School Data Science graduate, came into the job search sharing that every interview in his life so far resulted in him “getting the job.” 

While impressive, this resulted in Brian learning the hard way not to over-commit to a single opportunity.

Brian’s Job Search Mistake

When Brian Tracy graduated from Flatiron School and began his job search, he was determined to join a company that dealt with sustainability. He immediately got to work applying to job board listings and reaching out to connections. 

One of those connections, a fellow Flation School graduate, worked at a sustainability company and encouraged Brian to apply for an open role.

Brian ended up landing an interview and over the next 4 weeks progressed to the final round. Throughout the interviewing process at this company, however, Brian had not been applying to as many other roles. Instead, he focused only on the role he was interviewing for.

As he’d mentioned at the beginning of his job search, he’d gotten every job he interviewed for, so why wouldn’t he get this one too?

This was a mistake.

In the end, another candidate was selected for the role. After a month-long interview process, Brian had to start at square one with applications. “I was mad at myself that I did not continue to apply to jobs,” Brian said. “I was frustrated that they just had a better candidate and felt like there was nothing else I could do.” 

Getting rejected from the opportunity he’d been all in on, Brian shared, was his lowest point during the job search process. 

How Brian Bounced Back

After the disappointing rejection, Brian took some time to reflect on his strategy and next steps. Then he decided to put his new data skills to work.

Brian determined that out of all the applications he submitted and all of the job search steps he participated in, making connections had been most successful at landing an interview. So, he doubled down on networking. 

After a conversation that Brian and I had about some of the top employers for Data Science Flatiron School graduates, he began connecting with graduates who worked at these companies.  For one of these companies, GCOM Software, Brian reached out to 8 alumni and 3 responded. He had informational conversations with each to learn more about the company, the hiring process, and what it was like to work at GCOM.  Ultimately, one of the Flatiron School graduates referred him to a consulting role at the company before he even applied.

Brian landed an interview and learned from his previous mistake. This time, he continued to network and apply to new roles throughout the interview process. This time, Brian was determined not to put all his eggs in one basket. 

Brian’s Advice For Job Seekers

In the end, Brian was offered the job and he accepted. He has been working at GCOM Software as a Consultant II since October 2022. Looking back, he has plenty of advice on how to stay positive during the job search process. 

“Job searching, especially if not currently employed, is one of the most stressful events in our lives.  If you need a day off, take it,” he says. “Make time for yourself and take time for self-care.” 

Brian also highlights the importance of having a solid support network to lean on.

“Try and find support in the shared experiences of other job-seekers through the virtual community Flatiron fosters” he recommends.  Brian attended alumni connection events and regular trivia nights that helped him maintain a more consistently positive mindset. 

Part of that positive mindset, he says, is  “understanding that there are plenty of things about the job hunting process that you cannot control or affect and this is okay. Focus on what you can: staying positive in what way you are able, representing yourself professionally, continuing to grow, and learning from the experiences behind you.”  

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