These Are the Best Companies to Work for in Washington, D.C.

A job is more than just a job. You’re spending 40 hours, or more, a week in an office and that investment deserves an equal return. As an employee, you should feel empowered to succeed and motivated by your colleagues. Your job and career should feel less like “work” and more of an extension of […]

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A job is more than just a job. You’re spending 40 hours, or more, a week in an office and that investment deserves an equal return. As an employee, you should feel empowered to succeed and motivated by your colleagues. Your job and career should feel less like “work” and more of an extension of the life you’ve built for yourself. Luckily, there are companies that understand the importance of a work/life balance and the value of giving back to the community, so we endeavored to discover: what are the best companies to work for in Washington, D.C.? We’ve reviewed Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list, Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, and employee reviews to find the Best Companies to Work For in Washington, D.C. Together, these resources include thousands of employee responses. Each survey rates overall satisfaction, growth opportunities, company culture, charitable programs, employee benefits, rewards, leadership approval, and salary. Whether you value growth opportunities, an inclusive culture, or great employee benefits, there’s a company that’s right for you.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

  • Employee diversity

  • Voted Best Place to Work by Fortune and Glassdoor

  • Paid sabbaticals and health insurance for part-time employees among employee benefits
    Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has everything you want as an employee. The company has a diverse workforce, with 54% of employees identifying as minorities, and great health benefits.


  • Great work/life balance

  • Commitment to employee growth and development

  • Charitable efforts
    Deloitte employees feel empowered to take on new roles and grow within the company. Employees also tout Deloitte’s charitable efforts and many programs that help give back to local communities.

Camden Property Trust

  • Unscheduled bonuses

  • Professional development

  • Employee diversity
    Camden Property Trust employees appreciate how much the company invests in their own success. There’s discounted rent opportunities, $20-a-night suite rentals, and college scholarship opportunities for the employees’ children.

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Marriott International

  • Work culture

  • Over 10,000 employees have worked at Marriott for 25 years

  • Employee diversity
    Marriott prides itself on its great and inclusive culture. Long-term employees are treated well and one of the perks of staying with the company for 25 years is lifetime free stays at any Marriott in the world.  Employees are diverse with 65% of those surveyed identifying as minorities, according to Fortune.

Perkins Coie

  • Flexible hours

  • Positive culture

  • 100% health coverage
    The international law firm believes in work/life balance being, well, balanced. The company limits the workweek to under 40 hours in each of its locations and makes an effort to celebrate all successes big and small.


  • Employee perks

  • Unlimited sick days

  • Work/life balance
    SAS works to make employees happy. The company offers unlimited sick days, 40 days of fully paid maternity and paternity leave, and telecommuting options.

Power Home Remodeling

  • Top CEO and Best Place to Work by Glassdoor for three years in a row

  • Voted Best Place to Work by Fortune, Glassdoor, and local publications

  • Growth opportunities
    Power Home Remodeling employees feel empowered to succeed within the company. The majority of the executive leadership, including the co-CEOs, climbed the ranks at Power Home Remodeling.


  • Inclusive workplace

  • Voted Best Place to Work by Fortune and Glassdoor

  • Parental leave and adoption assistance among employee benefits
    Hilton supports an inclusive and diverse workforce. The international hotel chain provides training and education opportunities through Hilton University, 401k matching, adoption reimbursement, and financial services.


  • Career development

  • Teladoc support for employees enrolled in a provided health plan

  • Fun employee perks including summer gifts
    Even though the massive consulting firm has over 30,000 employees in the US, KPMG makes sure they feel connected to the company and their work. There are also a lot of fun perks to keep employees happy all year long.


  • Volunteer program

  • Growth and development opportunities

  • Work/life balance
    Mars remains a family-owned business, which explains why the company puts values first. Mars has worldwide volunteer programs, employee recognition programs, and 26 paid days off starting at the first day of employment.

Bain & Company

  • Great benefits

  • Collaborative culture

  • Learning opportunities
    Bain & Company employees enjoy great health benefits and 401k contributions. You can also expect four months of paid parental leave, and good compensation.


  • Work/life balance

  • Youth culture

  • Clients include some of the largest companies in the world
    SAP employees say the open culture is one of the reasons why the company is one of the best companies to work for in Washington, D.C.

McKinsey & Company

  • Supportive work environment

  • Growth and learning opportunities

  • Exposure to different projects and clients
    McKinsey & Company employees receive comprehensive healthcare benefits and retirement contributions. There are also annual retreats where employees and significant others are invited to have fun and celebrate their hard work.

Keller Williams

  • Great company culture

  • Training and educational support

  • Employees trust the leadership
    Employees tout the great training they receive at Keller Williams. The company’s great office culture is another perk.


  • Volunteer programs

  • Wellness and parental leave benefits

  • Supportive office culture
    Salesforce has been listed as one of the Best Places to Work For by Glassdoor since 2009. There are several employee perks including great healthcare, months of paternity and maternity leave, and unlimited vacation time.

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Capital One

  • Onsite amenities

  • Commitment to improving the workplace

  • Health and wellness benefits
    Teamwork is one of the reasons why employees enjoying working at Capital One. There are volunteer programs, company cookouts, awards celebrations, great healthcare benefits, and diversity initiatives.Diving deeper, we at Flatiron School want to celebrate the best tech companies to work for in Washington D.C. It won’t surprise you to learn that great companies like Capital One, Salesforce, and SAS Institute are also great tech companies. We’re using the same criteria to find D.C.’s best tech companies along with Hired’s 2017 Global Brand Health Report to find companies perfect for techies.

Here are five of the best tech companies to work for in Washington D.C.

Custom Ink

The online custom retailer is a hit with a great office, inclusive environment, and professional development opportunities. Additional perks include catered lunches and impressive patio, according to Inc.

Capital One

It’s more than just a bank. Employees really enjoy working for Capital One and it’s commitment to tech means their are opportunities for developers, software engineers, and data analysts.

Social Tables

Social Tables was recently acquired by Cvent, another D.C. metro area company, which means interesting opportunities for growth. Social Tables has a great company culture and a game room in their office as an added bonus.


Similar to Capital One, SAS Institute is a great company for all employees and especially for tech talent.


Salesforce checks all the boxes for tech talent. As noted, Salesforce is an innovative company that values an inclusive and open environment.There are so many other great companies in Washington D.C. that are currently looking for software engineers and tech talent. Entry level software engineer salaries around $85,915, according to Glassdoor, and there are over 11,000 open software engineer roles that were posted in the last month. That makes Washington D.C. itself a great place for tech talent.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of October 19, 2018. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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