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Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing Your Tech Career with Remote Collaboration Skills

Learning to effectively collaborate with co-workers in a remote work setting is a critical skill to hone. Read on to find out how Flatiron’s AI-geared hackathon is helping the school’s graduates sharpen this skill—plus many others.
Artificial Intelligence

How to Achieve Portfolio Optimization With AI

Using AI tools and techniques can take your project portfolio to the next level. Learn about the components involved in creating an AI-driven financial platform in Hackonomics, Flatiron School’s March 2024 hackathon.

Unveiling Hackonomics, Flatiron’s AI-Powered Budgeting Hackathon

A revolution in personal finance arrives on March 8 via Flatiron’s Hackomomics event, where cross-functional teams will build an AI-driven platform to optimize budgets, identify savings, and empower financial literacy.