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We’re excited to kick off another semester of Intro to Front-end Web Development, a part-time course that teaches students the tools they’ll need to build responsive websites from scratch. Space is limited, so request a syllabus or sign up now.

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Course material

Over 10 weeks, this beginner level course will teach students the fundamentals of front-end web development and professional workflows using GIT, CLI, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Responsive Design Strategies. The course is designed to teach students the front end from the ground up. After 10 weeks, students will be able to build responsive websites from scratch—no Bootstrap!

Why learn front end?

We live in a world where technology is changing everything—so getting from knowing nothing about code to knowing how to build a website from scratch can make a huge difference in peoples’ lives. Marketers can apply front-end skills to put up a landing page and product designers can prototype ideas, test user experiences, and push actual code. Even if you’re not a professional developer, knowing how to program can help you get even better at whatever it is you love doing.

Prerequisites and course requirements

This course is designed for beginners—for people who’ve never touched the Command Line to folks with experience in other technologies but want to take a deeper dive into the front end.

Students are expected to have a basic working knowledge of computers. They will need access to a personal laptop (Macs encouraged) as well as wifi when out of the classroom. The course requires about 9 hours of commitment per week—3 hours for at home assignments and 6 for on site classes, totaling 90+ hours for course completion.


Jonathan Grover has over 10 years experience working as a graphic designer and web developer. He has taught at The San Francisco Art Institute (ACE Program), Pittsburgh Art Institute Online, and alternative learning spaces. He currently has one of the most popular web courses on Skillshare with over 5,000 students and 100% positive reviews. His courses have been featured in Lifehacker. Learn more about him here and here.

Course details

Intro to Front End Web Development is taught in a flipped classroom. This means that students are assigned video lectures before class, so time spent in class is dedicated to hands-on coding.

Dates: Mondays and Wednesdays, November 17-February 1

Time: 6:00-9:00PM

Location: 11 Broadway, Suite 260, New York, NY 10004

Cost: $3,500

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