Announcing Future Founders Scholarship to Celebrate 5 Years of Flatiron School

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While many Flatiron School alumni become prized software engineers at companies, from scrappy startups to gigantic enterprise corporations, it’s a point of pride for us that certain Flatiron graduates follow a different path, utilizing their passion and the tools they’ve developed here to create their own tech startups or launch their own products.

This month – as Flatiron School celebrates the fifth anniversary of our own launch – we’re proud to announce our Future Founders Scholarship to give the next generation of innovators, risk-takers, problem-solvers, and someday-startup-founders the skills to bring their ideas to life.

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“Possessing both a technical and entrepreneurial mindset allows you to both ideate and execute,” says Flatiron School co-founder Avi Flombaum. “To be the ‘idea person’ as well as the one who makes those ideas a reality. Many of our alumni are leveraging that combination of talents as they build their own businesses and we’re thrilled to open up those skills to tomorrow’s technologists.”

“Possessing both a technical and entrepreneurial mindset allows you to both ideate and execute. To be the ‘idea person’ as well as the one who makes those ideas a reality.”

We’ve partnered with eight leading organizations from the startup space – including Hubspot for Startups, Venture for America, Women 2.0, and Uncubed – to award over $100,000 in scholarship funding to students who hope to make an impact on tomorrow’s startups. Committed to increasing diversity in tech, we’ll award at least half of these scholarships to women and underrepresented groups in tech.

“With women and minorities holding no more than 20% of jobs in the industry, Flatiron School is dedicated to changing the face of tech,” says Flatiron School COO Kristi Riordan. “In 2017, only 17% of venture-funded startups had a female founder. Because founders are a force of nature for future tech innovation and culture creation, their increased diversity will have ripple effects through the industry.”

Ready to get the skills you need to make an impact in the startup space? Read on for how to apply.

Scholarship details:

  • This month, we’ll award 50 Future Founders Scholarships to our Online Web Developer Program, cutting monthly tuition in half to $750/month for three months ($2,250 total).

  • Applicants should demonstrate key founder qualities – grit, creativity, and innovative thinking – and share what what they’re excited to create with code.

  • Apply by June 30 to be considered.

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