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If Flatiron School alums weren’t as funny as they are super-talented, we wouldn’t see them hanging around hilarious coding events with armfuls of trophies. But, hey, guess what they did last weekend. They won Comedy Hack Day.

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Grand Prize

Ruby 004 alum Daniel Fenjves teamed up with fellow devs Dustin Nelson and Kito Pastorino to win the grand prize with Timesify. It’s an app that makes browsing listicles and goat pics less horrifically ego-damaging than usual by cleverly disguising them as New York Times articles.

Just drag Timesify into your browser bar and feel great about reading even the most ridiculous click-bait. Best of all, it provides a tl;dr snippet of a real news article. So you can BS your way back to those doge-themed pick up lines.

Timesify also took home most hilarious use of its API and People’s Choice awards.

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BK 000 alum Sarah Ransohoff worked with Zoe Daniels and Alyssa Varner to snag a finalist position with Dad 2.0—a generator of vaguely supportive advice for common life crises. It also generates some unexpected fashion tips, if you think a purse will do the trick.

As always, we’re stoked to see alums making awesome things. But it seems like everyone’s a winner at an event where code and comedy go together like Kimye.

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