• What is the difference between this free Intro to Ruby course and the paid Ruby Certificate Course?

    The introductory course assumes no knowledge of Ruby, and has no prerequisites. The certificate course, however, assumes that students enter with at least the knowledge gained in the introductory course. Because the certificate course is more advanced, its projects are larger than the projects in the introductory course. In the introductory course, students gain familiarity with object-oriented programming in Ruby. In the certificate course, students will learn how to structure Ruby programs, how to interact with data from the web using Nokogiri, and how to build a full-fledged command-line application. The certificate course also includes one-on-one time with an instructor to review a large capstone project — students receive a certificate only after passing this Portfolio Project.

  • Will this free course better prepare me for the full-stack Web Developer course?

    Absolutely! This course pulls its content from a small fraction of the Web Developer program. If you do well in this course, it will absolutely be a sign to Flatiron School’s admissions team that you are a solid candidate for a Career program.

  • Do Certificate Course students get a discount towards other courses at Flatiron School?

    Yes, enrolled students will be eligible for discounts to other courses. These will be offered to you in the online campus platform, once you enroll.

  • I work full-time, can I still take this course?

    Yes! The vast majority of our online students are employed full-time. This course was built with flexibility in mind allowing you to complete the content and meet with mentors on your schedule.

  • Are there specific class times?

    Generally, no. Most course content is taught asynchronously through videos, quizzes, code challenges, and projects. Occasionally, there are live lectures and one-on-one meetings with your mentor.

  • How does mentorship work? Who are the Learn Experts?

    The Learn Experts are all Flatiron faculty mentors who have been working professionals with an expertise in their field. Your Learn Experts will:

    • Answer any questions you might have as you get through the course content.
    • Help you set goals for the course, and then make sure you’re on-track to meet them.
    • Meet with you in one-on-one meetings, to go over your work and overall progress.
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