Design your career for $0 upfront tuition

Learn the visual, technical, and client service skills essential to launch a successful career as a UX or UI designer. Flatiron School’s online course combines an industry-leading digital design program with dedicated Career Services support, full-time or part-time course pacing, and innovative financing options (learn more).

Learn on Your Schedule

Whether you choose a full-time or part-time schedule, our online UX/UI course offers the same rigor as the in-person experience.

Work with Real Clients

Work on real client projects and graduate with a unique portfolio  to share with future employers.

Pay Tuition Once You’re Hired

Change careers with confidence. Focus on learning the skills to launch a new career, not on how to pay for it, with flexible payment options (learn more).

Free WeWork desk space for 1 year

Free WeWork desk space for 1 year

Connect and collaborate in-person with other students. Build your professional network while you work in a contemporary, energizing space with a one-year WeWork hot desk membership included with your tuition – valued up to $7,200 per year.

UX vs. UI

Specialize in User Experience or User Interface design

When you enroll, you’ll choose the track that best suits you – UI or UX. Our admissions team is happy to discuss this decision with you. You can also explore Intro to Careers in Design to learn more about how these disciplines vary and where they’ll take you.

User Experience

UX designers focus on the user journey, designing how users  interact with products or services. UX designers define a digital product’s optimal experience to ensure it’s beautiful, engaging, and user friendly.

User Interface

UI designers define  the look and feel while considering usability of a product, application, or website. They design for a variety of functionalities, users and contexts using branding, color, photography and typography.

Course pace options
Pace Options

Course pace options

We offer two course pace options designed to give you the flexibility and structure to support your success. As a Flatiron School student, you’ll receive individualized support from instructors, and gain access to virtual study groups for a personalized learning experience. Choose the program option that best suits your life, schedule, and goals.


Graduate in 6 months with the fastest course pace: full-time. You can expect 40–60+ hours per week of coursework and benefit from dedicated, full-time learning. This pacing option requires the most commitment – you’ll attend live study groups, complete group projects, and collaborate with others in your cohort throughout the day.


Graduate in 11 months at a pace that offers the same curriculum as our full-time program. Plan for 20-30+ hours per week of coursework and benefit from a structured, yet flexible, schedule designed to keep you on track. During the client phase, you’ll invest considerable time to successfully complete group projects.

In both pacing options, you’ll build your work portfolio with team-based design projects for real-world clients.


A fast-track career curriculum that will help you land a job in the field of design

Our online UX/UI design courses are taught by industry experts and combine flexible online learning with a team-based experience.

Online UX/UI Design is divided into five phases. You’ll learn at a part-time pace in phase one, regardless of your selected course pace. After phase one, you’ll join your choice of a full-time or part-time cohort for team-based design and client projects.

For the UX track, Phase 2-5, all projects are group based. For the UI track,  Phase 3-5, projects are group based.

This means you’ll work like a real design team member to get the project done – divide responsibilities and tasks or project manage deliverables. Technical training, bundled with apprenticeship-style project work and personalized career coaching, creates an experience that’s designed to help you become a highly sought-after UX or UI designer.

Full-Time & Part-Time students will learn together for 6 weeks on a part-time schedule.

Phase 1 was created to meet the needs of those coming to the program at any level of design experience, including students with no design background. It introduces the design process quickly, while covering the foundations of UX research, UX design, interaction design, visual design, UI design, and user testing.

Successful completion of Phase 1 is required to move on to the remainder of the program.


What to expect:

  • Learn the fundamentals of UX, IxD, IA and UI design
  • Complete weekly assignments, online meetings, readings, and quizzes

Full-Time: 6 weeks
Part-Time: 12 weeks

Phase 2 enables students to experience a thorough look at their chosen track— UX or UI — while becoming proficient in industry-standard software and best practices. Students have the opportunity to work 1:1 with instructors who are professional designers and creative directors.

What to expect:

  • Learn how to put team-based design into practice
  • Complete weekly assignments, online meetings, readings, and quizzes
  • Collaborate in weekly meetings with instructors for regular feedback and dialogue

Full-time: 5 weeks
Part-time: 10 weeks

This phase of the course is about teamwork, an essential soft skill for a successful designer. Phase 3 ties in important features of professional practice and team-based design, along with the vital skills of analyzing and synthesizing work. Each portion of the phase is set up as a sprint, so teams know how much work needs to be done before the next sprint review, and how to budget their time to accomplish it all.

What to expect:

  • Learn how to put team-based design into practice with a real-word project
  • Attend 1:1 check-ins, presentations, and feedback with instructors

Full-time: 4 weeks
Part-time: 8 weeks*

*Part-time students should be aware that this phase requires significant synchronous group work time.

Phase 4 also known as, the Client Phase is when students put into practice the hard and soft skills acquired in the first portion of the program: designers work with real clients on live products. Design teams publicly discuss their work and process through multiple presentations to their clients. UX teams hand off annotated wireframes for UI designers and UI teams create style guides for front-end developers to take over.

The best part: Students graduate with unique portfolios only they can share with prospective employers.

What to expect:

  • Learn how to solve real design problems with real business stakeholders
  • Redefine deliverables, build product roadmaps, and receive client feedback
  • Graduate with a unique portfolio to share with prospective employers

Full-time: 3 weeks
Part-time: 6 weeks

Phase 5 is focused on getting student portfolios ready and preparing for job hunting. As the final phase of our program, it is built specifically to give you the tools and confidence to find a job — while reinforcing the unique design process you defined earlier in the program. It requires a shift for every designer: from learning how to be a designer to learning how to tell the story of your growth as a designer.

What to expect:

  • Create case studies, portfolio development, résumé building, and much more
  • Hold client conversations and mock interviews also happen during this phase
Partner with our Career Services team to design your future
Career Services

Partner with our Career Services team to design your future

Over five years of working with passionate students and helping more than 1,500 graduates launch fulfilling tech careers, we’ve developed a keen understanding of what goes into getting that first job. With one-on-one career coaching, a robust employer network, and a proven job search framework, our Career Services team is committed to helping you land the job you want.  

Individual Career Coaching

During the job-search phase, you’ll meet with a dedicated coach every week, to ensure an effective job search via resume review, mock interviews, and developing the right job-search collateral to tell your story.

Job-Search Framework

One-on-one guidance from our Career Services team and a proven job search framework provide the training and support to help launch your new design career. At Flatiron School, you learn more than just great design, you’ll become a more effective job seeker.

Vast Employer Network

For over six years, our Employer Partnerships team has been developing relationships with hiring partners across the country to help Flatiron School grads get in the door. Our dedicated Employer Partnerships team is the best in the industry — constantly evangelizing for our graduates at companies across the world.

Deferred Tuition

After you’ve been admitted and enroll, tuition becomes due once you get a job/start earning income.

Design a Career You Love

After graduation, our students have gone on to impact powerful, positive change and contribute at leading companies across the globe. Now, it’s your turn to launch a career in design.

“I was lucky to be surrounded by hard working who pushed each other to be better. It felt like everyone really cared about their projects, and no one was ever satisfied with an easy solution. We weren’t afraid to challenge each other, which was awesome.”

“Having the ability to develop real projects for real clients makes the experience more than just a school—it makes it like an internship. I was able to have real world experience juggling my design workload, client needs, and team relationships.”

Review Past Student Case Studies

Meet your design mentors and instructors

Our instructors are experienced, passionate, and — most of all — invested in your success. At Flatiron School, you’ll learn from full-time, seasoned teachers who provide both the hard and soft skills you’ll need to succeed.

Tuition, Start Dates & Admission

Find the right payment option for you

Select your region to see our financing options:
Finance for as low as
Finance for as low as

Dedicated to making our programs more accessible, we offer competitive financing options through Skills Fund and Climb, two industry-leading accelerated learning financing companies.

Full Tuition
Full-Time Program
Part-Time Program
Flatiron School Online Income Share Agreement — Available for Part-Time and Full-Time Courses

You can now defer your online tuition with the Flatiron School Online Income Share Agreement, available in select states. There is no deposit required when you enroll, and the reminder of you tuition is paid once you’ve left the program and are earning a minimum income of $3,333.33 per month, annualized to $40,000 per year.


As a part of our ongoing effort to support diversity and gender parity in tech, we’re pleased to offer various scholarships to underrepresented groups and veterans, as well as merit-based scholarships. Schedule a Q&A with our Admissions team to learn more.

Full Tuition
Deferred Payment Plan — Available for Part-Time and Full-Time Programs

With a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP), you pay nothing to your tuition until after you’ve left Flatiron School and meet the minimum income threshold. Your tuition payments only begin once you’ve left the program and are earning at least a minimum monthly income.

Cohort Start Dates

Start dates apply to both Full-Time and Part-Time courses
Application Process

What the application process looks like

Design aptitude is built from an innate curiosity about the world and how people interact with it. We don’t admit students, we craft a class: a lawyer, chef, biologist, and artist will approach solutions differently, and bringing them together creates a richer learning environment for everyone involved. All you need is passion and an open mind.

Step 1 → Apply

Apply to the course. Tells us about yourself and why you want to start a career in UX/UI.

Step 2 → Admissions Interview

Speak with a member of the Admissions team about your interests and ambitions.

Step 3 → Admissions Decision

Receive your acceptance decision from Admissions. This usually happens within a couple of days, and would be your final step!

Apply Now and Design Your Future

You have questions; we have answers

  • Who will I be learning alongside?
    • We don’t just admit students, we craft a class. A lawyer, journalist, and pro-athlete will do more interesting things together than three people of any one background.
    • Just about every profession has been represented among graduates of Flatiron School’s curriculum: lawyers, chefs, ballet dancers, baristas, options traders, architects, preschool teachers, biologists, and many, many others.
    • Any professional experience focused on practicing the soft skills needed for a design career — teamwork, customer service, research, storytelling, client management, project management, creative thinking, a desire to learn — is pretty easily transferable to this course.
    • Any past experience with design helps even more, but some of our most successful graduates had no design experience before applying.
  • What jobs are graduates prepared for?
    • On the UX side, depending on the designer’s interests: UX designer, UX researcher, and interaction designer.
    • On the UI side, depending on the designer’s interests: UI designer, visual designer, and communication designer.
    • The skills gained during this course form a partial but important foundation for additional roles like content strategist, information architect, UX writer, UI engineer, product designer, and product owner.
    • In terms of job types, graduates are prepared for full-time salaried and part-time jobs, internships, apprenticeships, and contract and contract-to-hire roles.
  • What skills will I have learned by the end of the course?
    • Understand foundational design know-how and concepts.
    • Utilize knowledge of industry-standard software and use cases.
    • Collaborate as a team member on group and client projects.
    • Learn how to solve real design problems with real business stakeholders.
    • Create a real, unique portfolio.

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