Course Report Ranks Flatiron School as the #1 Best Coding Bootcamp in 2019

Posted by Flatiron School  /  October 17, 2019

We're honored to be named the #1 Coding Bootcamp in 2019 by Course Report, a leading authority on immersive technology education and the coding bootcamp industry! 

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This recognition is a reflection of our commitment to our mission and our students. Course Report bases its rankings on 10 factors including alumni and student reviews, career support, salary-based financing options, and transparency around job placements. We’ve helped thousands of students launch new careers in software engineering, UX/UI Design, and data science. In the process, we’ve also helped them change their lives. 

At Flatiron School, we believe that everyone should have access to a quality education and a career they love. We do that through community, commitment, and transparency. 

It starts with a rigorous curriculum and passionate instructors who teach in-demand skills. Upon this foundation, students are supported every step of the way as part of an inclusive, supportive community. If they have a question, they can turn to their instructor or use one of the built-in support features on our learning platform. As soon as they walk through the doors, whether on-campus or online, they become a part of the Flatiron School family. 

Our commitment to our students also comes from our Educational Coaches who help students get prepared for Flatiron School. Our Career Services and Employee Partnerships teams support our students as they graduate and start to look for careers in the tech industry. Each student is paired with a dedicated Career Coach who works 1:1 with the student to help them land the job that’s right for them.

Still need proof? You can read the 480+ reviews on Course Report or check out our alumni stories. Or, you can read our third-party verified Jobs Reports. We release annual reports for our immersive on-campus Software Engineering program in NYC and our Online Software Engineering program. We pioneered transparent Jobs Reports because we believe prospective students should be able to see how our curriculum and methods work and that our alumni start careers in tech.

Go ahead and explore our courses and campuses, available financing options, and diversity initiatives. Together, we can change things. You can view the full rankings of best coding bootcamps from Course Report here.