Our Commitment – Career Services

Over seven years of working with passionate students and helping them launch fulfilling careers in tech, we’ve developed a keen understanding of what goes into getting that first job – both on our end and what you’re empowered to do on yours.

Students will be put in touch with a Career Coach to assist them with their job search no later than the date they have completed all program completion requirements. Such assistance will include review of job search materials, and support in developing a job search strategy.

To be eligible for Career Services support students must:

  1. Complete a 20–30-minute Career survey which includes both a reflection exercise along with sharing professional and educational background information.
  2. Upload their most up-to-date resume

Career Services support will include access to:

  1. A designated Career Coach, accessible at agreed-upon times via phone or video chat and email, to review and discuss the student’s job search;
  2. Availability of check-in meetings with a Career Coach at least bi-weekly to discuss the student’s job search progress;
  3. At least one review of the student’s resume and LinkedIn profile;
  4. At least one mock interview with a Career Coach (or other Flatiron School representative); 
  5. Opportunities to network with Flatiron School employer partners where available and relevant; and
  6. Flatiron School Alumni Career Services (which includes up to 3 coaching sessions per calendar year for Flatiron School Alumni).

Career Services requires students to comply with the following cancellation policies:

  1. At least 12 hours’ notice for cancellation of any scheduled meeting with a member of the Flatiron School Career Services Team
  2. At least 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of any scheduled interview
  3. Adherence to the cancellation policy of any third-party vendors, including, but not limited to, third-party mock technical interviews, as outlined in the terms and conditions provided by those vendors

Career Services terminates upon the earlier of: 

  1. Two or more instances of non-compliance with the above cancellation policies.
  2. Sixty days after graduation, if the student has not yet sent a written declaration of their Job Search Start Date to the Career Services Team (unless an extension has been granted);
  3. Acceptance of a Qualifying Job Offer (as defined below); 
  4. Termination of services by Flatiron School due to failure to comply fully with our Code of Conduct,
  5. No response to three emails over the course of 30 days by a member of the Career Services team,


6. The expiration of the 180 calendar-day period immediately following the Job Search Start Date.

The term “Qualifying Job Offer” means an offer of a job that is:

  1. For a position as an employee, apprentice, intern or independent contractor;
  2. Paid, including in cash;
  3. Anticipated to be an average of 30 hours or more per week, or multiple offers for part-time work constituting the equivalent of an average of 30 hours or more per week;
  4. Anticipated to be at least four (4) weeks in duration
  5. A position in your field of study

For the avoidance of doubt, if any Qualifying Job Offer is contingent upon a background check or drug test in order for a candidate to be considered, and such Qualifying Job Offer is revoked due to your failure or refusal to satisfy such requirements, you will not be eligible for continued career services.Flatiron School reserves the right to revoke or withhold access to Career Services from any student or graduate who is not current with any tuition or other payments owed to Flatiron School or who has received and turned down two Qualifying Job Offers.

Finally, Flatiron School collects employment information from students for the purposes of fulfilling reporting requirements to state regulators, and compiling aggregate statistics on student employment outcomes. It is Flatiron School’s hope that students willingly share their employment information with the school to help improve its career services offerings, fulfill regulatory obligations, and provide prospective future students and Flatiron School Alumni with robust and current information through the release of an annual independently examined jobs report.

What you can expect of your Career Coach:

Your Career Coach will partner with you through a series of Milestone Meetings, designed to set you up for success in your job search. To prepare for each meeting, students should review the respective section of Flatiron’s Career Prep curriculum. Once you have completed all of the Milestone Meetings with your coach, you will be eligible to declare your Job Search Start Date (which is the date you formally begin job seeking) and then continue regular check-in meetings throughout your job search.  

Here is what we expect from you in the coaching partnership:

  1. Come prepared to each meeting by having read the Career Prep materials listed as pre-work for each scheduled meeting & having prepared questions written or submitted to your Coach by email beforehand.
  2. Show up as your authentic self, and expect to have honest conversation around your progress and any blockers you may be facing in your job search including, existing attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors that may be impacting your success.
  3. Be ready to take decisive action to reach for your goals.
  4. Bring an open mind to both positive and constructive feedback. (Students often cite the feedback provided by their Coach to be one of the most valuable parts of their Coaching experience.)  
  5. While meetings with your career coach are not job interviews, they are good opportunities to exercise and develop professional skills.