What is the Employer Partnerships Team?

Posted by Flatiron School  /  October 23, 2020

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The Flatiron School Career Services team exists to help get you hired. We do this in two ways:

  • Empowering stand-out job-seekers to learn to be no-brainer hires → this is what your Career Coach does!

  • Building a nationwide network of hiring partners → this is what the Employer Partnerships team does!

Q: What is the role of the Employer Partnerships team?

To advocate for & enable a talent pipeline between employers and Flatiron graduates.

Your Career Coach is your dedicated, 1:1 partner through every step in your job search. Behind-the-scenes, the Employer Partnerships team is working to build partnerships that present career-launching job opportunities for our students.

Q: How does the Employer Partnerships team work with employers?

When an employer contacts us to fill a role, the first step the Employer Partnerships team takes is to understand the ideal candidate for the employer based on the company’s tech stack, team structure, values, and any professional backgrounds that may be relevant. Think of the Employer Partnerships team as a matchmaker. They share “resume books” with employers based on these ideal candidate characteristics, and the employer then selects who they would like to interview.

By presenting right-fit candidates to these employers and providing seamless hiring processes, the Employer Partnerships team creates loyal employers who come back to hire from Flatiron again and again.

Q: How does the Employer Partnerships team work with graduates?


Whenever an employer selects a graduate from the resume book to move forward in their interview process, the Employer Partnerships team will facilitate an introduction between the candidate and the employer.


The Employer Partnerships team also invites employers to participate in or present at various events, including webinars or Lunch & Learns, informal networking events, office field trips, or Graduation Showcases where students present their capstone projects. Events vary city-to-city and may change based on time of year.

Q: How can a student distinguish themselves for the Employer Partnerships team?

The real question is: How can students distinguish themselves for employers! Ultimately, employers select which graduates to move forward in interview processes – the Employer Partnerships team can make the match, but it’s up to our graduates to close the deal.

Q: What percentage of graduates get jobs through the Flatiron employer network?

This varies by cohort, discipline, and market. What is true across all markets is that students drive their own job searches with the support of their career coaches. While our employer network is robust, our most successful job-seekers are active job-seekers –  working hard to make their own connections and creating opportunities for themselves.

Q: What types of companies does the Employer Partnerships team typically work with?

All types of companies, ranging from small start-ups to large organizations, and spanning across industries.

Q: What types of roles does the Employer Partnerships team identify?

Job titles may vary, but the Employer Partnerships team vets opportunities that align with the skills that our students learn in their program – whether software engineering, data science, or cybersecurity. The Employer Partnerships team identifies full-time paid opportunities, which may include salaried roles, contract roles, or paid internships or apprenticeships.

Q: How can a student optimize their candidacy?

  1. Master the technical skills taught in the program.

  2. Master the technical skills taught in the program.

  3. Keep learning & honing their technical skills even after the program (including completing the Post-work curriculum!).

  4. Be kind, communicative, open-minded, & positive.

  5. Be a great citizen of the Flatiron community by responding promptly & politely to employers, Employer Partnerships team members, and Career Coaches.