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On the coattails of our two new campus launches in Washington D.C. and London, Flatiron School is happy to announce an entirely new coding course that will make its debut at both campuses on May 15. The course, Intro to Front End Web Development, will focus on HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and will join the Software Engineering Immersive course as the main offerings at each campus. The part-time course will immediately be one of Flatiron School’s most accessible and versatile offerings. These skills and languages are widely applicable to a wide variety of industries, which makes it ideal not only for those looking to begin a career in programming, but for professionals in other industries. Which is why we wanted to make scheduling and class times as convenient as possible.

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At launch, courses will be on nights and weekends for 10 weeks. During that time, students will meet on campus and in the classroom twice a week, for about three hours each meet-up. With our in-person classes, students will have the advantages of an in-person learning experience paired with a modernized learning structure.At the end of the program, students will understand the three aforementioned languages and their practical applications:

  • How websites are built and the fundamentals behind it all

  • How to work with and edit git / GitHub

  • How to deploy a locally-developed HTML site to a production server

  • How advanced web pages are laid out and the techniques behind grids and responsive patterns

  • How JavaScript provides interactivity within web pages

  • How to integrate fetched API data using the AJAX pattern Expanding what we offer at each campus — and expanding our number of campuses — is part of Flatiron School’s vision to make education accessible and affordable for everyone. Intro to Front End Web Development is another step in that direction, and won’t be the last.Learn more here.

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